Dec 292009

Title:Heart of Snow
Fandom: N/A
Characters: Ask the OP.
Rating: G-
Warnings: Sap. ClichΓ©.
Notes: Sonnet commission. This one took a little longer than strictly necessary because of the holiday crazy that still besieges my life. Also, it's a Petrarchan sonnet, not a Shakespearean, so the rhyme scheme's a little different. (Also, looking back, I totally gobbed the rhyme scheme.)

Cold as breaking winter's blowing snow
A desperate malice gleaming in thine eyne
Like chill December's icy starlit shine
Decimating fondness as it grows

But, despite this frigid, glaring show
To send a chilling shiver down one's spine
With a patter of sarcasm, most divine
Endlessly protesting, "I must go…"

And in mine eyne, this soot-stained winter's king
With stiffened grace, surveys his kingdom cold
Sharp, thin, and black against the frozen waste

In the shadow of this sliver rises Spring
Red as roses, bloody-fingered, bold
To brave the biting frost for just a taste

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