Jan 162010

Title: Twelve Green Bottles
Fandom: N/A
Characters: N/A
Rating: G-
Warnings: the foolishness of a decade
Notes: For the Snowbringer, my dearest Romulan Suicide. You know the story, but I still tell it better. And I definitely prefer the current non-aggression pact to the … rather open hostilities of the first few years.

In youth, stood we as fools, bedazzled fast
Unmoving in the brightness of our glow
We wronged ourselves, but you recovered last
With dawning rage, I foiled your parting blow

The intervening years all wielded blades
We squared off with conflicting principles
You saw the world binary; I saw shades
And neither of us would forego our thrills

You came to me with nowhere else to go
Burned once, I offered haven to you, yet
But, despite this brittle, guarded tango
Nine years you still considered me a threat

A dozen years' discretion passed between
We opened up a bottle of the Green

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