Mar 021998

Title: Reminiscences of a Techie
Fandom: N/A
Characters: N/A
Rating: G-
Warnings: Implications of a lot of things no one remembers, but me.
Notes: Ars(e) Poetica :: March 2, 1998. "Techie" in this context is a backstage tech — lighting, sound, costumes — anyone working on a show who's not an actor.

Never have I kissed a chap in Costumes
Nor have I been canoodling in the loft
Never have I lit up in the bathroom
But in the Green Room, oh, the couch was soft

Oh, the Green Room, I recall it green
No-one remembers what the fridge was called
Or 'truth or dare' with Lance and the machine
When 'dirty dice' was like to get you mauled

I remember Fiddler on the Roof
Jack Dalton and the evil butterflies
When everyone I worked with was a goof,
And we all swore that we would never die

Some of them have left us — they forgot
But I swear on my soul that I will not.

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