Mar 021998

Title: Madonna of the Loft
Fandom: N/A
Characters: N/A
Rating: G-
Warnings: Teen wangst
Notes: Ars(e) Poetica, #8. March 2, 1998. I was listening to a lot of Robyn Hitchcock, at a guess, and at this point in time, I was pretty sure I wouldn't make it into college, and I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. It was one of those few moments in life, when all illusions of immortality and importance were stripped away. (And bonus points to anyone who knows why Robyn Hitchcock is at all relevant, here.)

There was a time when I stood on the stage
And squirmed as I looked out across the house
The empty darkness nothing but a page
Across which I would run, a tiny mouse

The next year, my footprints began to show
And slowly I began to leave a mark
I realised how my heart had come to grow
In an empty theatre, in the dark

The time that followed was a living hell
I saw my prcious theatre less and less
I figured it would surely be my knell
And all my life became a wretched mess

And I shall die on graduation day
When distance takes my theatre away

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