Feb 212009

Title: Falling Angels
Fandom: N/A
Characters: N/A
Rating: G-
Warnings: Mentions booze?
Notes: This one's for the daughter of Patrick's wife.

I hear the rustle — cannot see the wings
And limpid blue eyes can't disguise the smirk
Your hands are occupied with other things
In the shaded corner where you lurk

Your hollow smile belies your memories
But even then, your mind I cannot read
I ask you to excuse me, if you please
Your face would be familiar with more mead…

Once drunk, the evening rushes back entire
Pear cider, leather armour, and two fools
That evening didn't end beside the fire
Because you were too drunk, and I too cruel

And, now, recaptured — smile yet undimmed
You gleefully surrender to my whims

2009.02.21 :: #37

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