Nov 112010

Title:Frost's Gift Box
Rating:Β E
Warnings: Linked LOL-smut.
Notes: Happy birthday, Frostburn! Hope this whole getting older thing suits ye. :P Though, I'm thinking we should both turn 23 again, next year… Or, ye know, not, since that year looks to have sucked balls for both of us. *laughs*

The Fic:
The Glint of Light (Sky/Glass); NC-17; Sebastian, Arkady, Sin, some girl

The Playlist:

1. Adam Ant – Wonderful (4:22)
Because it's true, goddammit. :P

2. Genitorturers – Touch Myself (3:21)
Not strictly true, but this definitely belonged in here, all the same. When I think about you, I eat frozen chocolate. It's about the same difference, in my world…

3. Austin Leeds, Starkillers & Terranova – Only You (Electribe Mix) (6:00)
Speaks for itself, really.

4. Abney Park – Sleep Isabella (4:27)
Needed some steampunk music. All things need more steampunk.

5. Rasputina – I Only Wanna Be With You (3:35)
I fucking love this cover.

6. Colony 5 – Accelerate (3:36)
It's so you, I almost died laughing, when I heard it again.

7. Garbage – Sex Is Not the Enemy (3:04)
*whistles innocently*

8. Depeche Mode – Nothing's Impossible (4:21)
All things are possible at all times, even if some are less probable than others.

9. La Roux – In for the Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix) (5:02)
Again, so you. Or me. Or us, really…

10. Pixies – Here Comes Your Man (3:21)
This was the irresistible and obvious choice for this transition. I don't even know. It just is.

11. Michael Penn – No Myth (4:11)
I just couldn't do this mix without it.

12. New Model Army – I Love the World (5:06)
OH GOD I LOVE THE WORLD… and it might be your fault.

13. Massive Attack – Angel (6:09)
Oddly, this was the track that got me started on this mix. It grabbed my attention in that 'you need to do this RIGHT NOW' sort of way.

14. Torley Wong – Lovers' Dance (4:13)
Torley makes me so happy, and this … this just goes here. I was gonna do the Lovesickness/Lovewellness combo, but this one just worked better.

15. Chemlab – megahurtz (mindfield aurora mix) (5:08)
You know why this belongs here. And if you don't? Go look up the lyrics.

Download [ Megaupload | zip | 82mb ]

The Sonnet:
#42 :: The Question Stands Unasked

Dressed in black beneath the evening sky
Monochrome study, dimly streetlamp-lit
Leather-draped, antagonistic, wry
Behind the sharp tongue lurks a sharper wit

And in the yellow light, there still persists
That faintly flickering trace of icy blue
A subtle lure to one too many trysts
And three, tonight, already sulk, eschewed

But, one by one the other three slink in
Each vastly, proudly different from the last
And these the three with whom he does begin
Stepping out beyond where light is cast

In shadow glows his opal skin most bright
In every kiss the taste of winter's night

2010.11.04 :: For Frostburn, who would look good in a burlap sack, as long as there wasn't barf in his hair.

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