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[Master Post – Glass]
Title: The Glint of Light
Fandom: Sky (Glass)
Characters: Arkady, Severen, Sin, some girl
Rating:Β E
Warnings: Grim humour, LOL-smut, OMG YOU CAN FIT WHAT WHERE?
Notes: This is a birthday gift for Frostburn, who is the very most entertaining devil-mouthed tart with whom I've had the fortune to become acquainted. It's also the first thing I've written for Glass, the sequel to Sky. Yes, that means I have to re-work the master post, somewhat. I'll get there. Happy birthday, my darling dear! May this suit you just as well as I suspect it shall!

It was late. Not late late, but late enough that Severen could sneak back into the house, in the evening gloom, and just become Sebastian, again. Arkady had driven him back from Madrid, that night, and as they unloaded the car and carried luggage into the house, an unearthly wail drifted down the stairs.

Arkady's eyes shifted to Severen, an uneasy look on his face. Severen looked faintly dismayed, in that way one does when the cat has vomited on the new persian rug. They stood staring at each other for the space of several seconds, until the sound repeated. Severen closed his eyes and snorted in amusement, covering his smile with the can of Jolt he held in one hand. Arkady's uneasiness slid into complete confusion, as he giggled helplessly at the scene.

"Was that…?"

Severen took a swig of the soda and tossed the bag he had in the other hand over the couch. "There are things you don't want to know, Arkady. I know precisely what that sound is, and I'm fairly certain you don't want to."

"But, you were supposed to get home, tonight… Doesn't he…?" Arkady looked faintly horrified, but the giggling wouldn't stop.

"Doesn't he what? He knows I'm going to cook dinner first. I always cook dinner first. And then I'm probably going to go look through the mail. I'll get there. And when I do, the sheets will be clean and he'll be spotless and grinning." Severen shrugged. "Although, I might have a bit of fun with this one…"

Arkady lifted an eyebrow, still looking like his skin might crawl off and leave without him. "This doesn't bother you?"

"Why would it bother me? He's there when I want him to be." Severen leaned against the edge of the open door. "You look like shit. You should go sleep that off."

"You disturb me, man." Arkady shook his head and headed out.

"You're already disturbed," Severen quipped after him, closing the door to forestall any further response.

Shaking his head, Severen quietly made his way up the stairs. Sure, he should probably be cooking dinner, but he had a few suspicions about precisely what was going on, up there, and he'd always had a faint and generally ignorable curiosity what it would look like from another perspective. Besides, he could write it off as a side-effect of territoriality. A thin smile slipped across his face and passed as quickly as it had come.

As Severen expected, Sin had left the door open, and he lay draped sideways across the bed, head tipped back over the edge, knees pulled up to his shoulders. Beside one ankle knelt a young woman who looked just a little older than the usual undergrads. Probably a masters student. She had a social sciences look to her, and Severen wondered if she was sociology or anthropology, as he watched what looked to be about six or seven inches of her arm move slowly and gently in and out of Sin's body.

He leaned in the doorway and sipped at the can of Jolt, watching the scene continue. She really wasn't very good, or Sin would have been making a lot more noise, instead of just lying there, panting.

Sin noticed Severen first, and a mischievous sparkle lit his eyes. Severen lifted an eyebrow and Sin just smiled back, wickedly.

Severen cleared his throat. "You're doing it wrong."

The young woman shrieked and bounced, grabbing at the edge of the blanket with her free hand.

Sin squeezed his eyes shut, grinning and trying not to laugh.

"It's a motion like an off-balance washer. You don't have enough twist." Severen demonstrated the motion with one arm, as he finished his soda, then tossed the can into the small rubbish bin beside the nightstand, never leaving the doorway.

"Missed you," Sin wheezed, caught between panting and laughing.

"Indeed. And we'll see just how much, later." Severen smiled in dry amusement as he stepped back. "Do go on. Linguine a la Roma?"

"Forty," Sin breathed, guessing at the number of minutes it would take him to be ready for dinner. "Downstairs?"

"I'll be waiting." Severen nodded and turned toward the stairs, leaning back into the doorway, for a parting shot. "Nice to meet you. Don't be so careful with him. He's not going to break."

As Severen headed back down the stairs to make dinner, he could hear Sin finally begin to laugh, breathily.

"I love you, Sebastian," Sin called out.

"I know you do," Severen shouted back, rolling his eyes.

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