Dec 212013

[Master Post – Glass]
Title: One Drop of Wine
Fandom: Viridian Legacy: Glass
Characters: Baron , Arkady , Severen , Betty , Lir
Rating: T (L2 N0 S0 V1 D1)
Warnings: So. Much. Vomit.
Notes:I'm not done writing this, but I needed to sketch it out before I lost it. Baron's not allowed to drink before he gets on a plane. Some of you know where this came from…

Evening. Standing outside the club, in San Francisco. Baron's throwing up. Again. No, like, again again. It's probably the fourth or fifth time, since they left the airport. Since they left the airport, which isn't counting all the hurling he did on the plane.

"Baron. Baron, look at me. Don't you dare puke on my shoes, you little fuck. Look up." Arkady stood back a few feet, just in case.

"Oh, god, Ebony… If I ever say I'm getting drunk before I get on a plane…" He didn't get to finish the sentiment.

"You are never allowed to drink before we get on a flight, ever again. I don't care if you do fucking mushrooms, but you are never getting drunk before we fly." Arkady looked half-panicked, as he delivered the tirade, and Severen stood by, one hand stretched across his eyes, squeezing his temples.

"Barry?" Betty's voice cut across the humidity between the asphalt and the sky. "Can you play?"

He threw up some more, and spent some time looking thoughtfully at the puddle. "When?"

"We're on in two hours."

"Yeah. Yeah, I can do it." Baron held onto the wall, with one hand. "Water? I need to get it out. I need to wash out my stomach."

Lir threw a bottle to Severen, who removed the hand from his eyes to catch it, then opened it and handed it to Baron. "If you're throwing up water…"

"No, on purpose. It's ok if it's on purpose." Baron drank about half the water and bounced up and down a bit. "Don't ever let me do this again. Please."

"I don't think any of us want to see you do this again," Arkady pointed out. "Fountains of puke really aren't on my list of sights to see in a new city."

"We've been here before," Lir reminded him.

"Not on my list of things to see in any city."

All eyes turned as Baron stopped moving. He tapped a count of four on the wall and then threw up again.

A pause, then: "Wait…"

One more time, and then he rinsed his mouth out and finished the water, tossing the empty bottle back to Severen. The empty hand clapped onto Arkady's shoulder and a moment later, Baron's other hand followed from the wall, landing on the other shoulder.

"Ebony? I want you to punch me in the face. Very hard."

"What? No."

"As a reminder. So I'll look at my black eye and remember not to do this again."

"If I punch you in the face, it'll be when you're sober enough to remember me doing it, in the morning."

"But, when I'm that sober, I'm not going to want you to punch me in the face."

"I'll punch him in the face!" Betty threw in.

"Fuck no, Betty. You're scary."

Arkady grinned over Baron's shoulder at her. "He's right. You are."

"I should be. It's my job." She smoothed her skirt. "I blame you, Ebony, dear."

"You love me anyway." The grin turned into a sly smile.

Betty ignored him. "Baron? You done?"

"Yeah. Just a little spinny. I'm fine." He let go of Arkady's shoulders and tried to step back, slowly, carefully.

"Barry? Towards me," Severen cut in. "You're about to step in it."

As Severen put an arm around Baron's ribs, Betty slid a folded list back into the pocket of her suitjacket. No need to call a friend. He'd make it. And tomorrow, she'd remind him.

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