Apr 022010

Title: I'll Show You the World…
Fandom: Camelot/HP
Characters: Galahad; Aedan, Lord Winter; Ceallach; Clover; Ceofine
Rating: G-
Warnings: Writer is not an artist
Notes: Final images for SirMordred. I finally got tired of looking at this one, so I picked three decent angles. The lighting's still absolute ass, though. I can't seem to get that to agree with me… like, ever.

[IMG] galahad-10-fix.jpg

Here's the full scene. Much the same as the last take, but with less weird lighting and more fixed things.

[IMG] ceallach-clover-01-fix.jpg

Ceallach wants to make trouble, but Clover's more interested in the trouble already in motion. If you squint, the look on Clover's face is that one that cats get right before they do something COMPLETELY INSANE.

[IMG] ceofine-01-fix.jpg

And cranky-ass Ceofine is weirded out by the human. As usual.

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