Apr 052010

Title: The Rumpled Wench Tavern
Characters: Lucius Malfoy, Rodolphus Lestrange, Severus Snape
Rating: G-
Warnings:Writer is not an artist
Notes: I've been working on this since 0400, yesterday. It's nothing like done, but here's a few progress shots.

First, I had to find the walls of the damn tavern, which were conveniently labelled !Tavern, for idiots like me — unfortunately, they did not end up in the same folder as the rest of the scene components, but rather in the props folder. Pain in my ass…

[IMG] rumpled-wench-01.jpg

Then I added Lucky, who is only half-dressed and half-posed, here.

[IMG] rumpled-wench-02.jpg

Sev came next. And it took me another … … fifteen hours? to figure out why the wooden stool was shining like metal. Lighting problem.

[IMG] rumpled-wench-03.jpg

Finally got Roddy into the picture, and got sufficiently peeved at the idea of doing any more posing that I started working on lights. Almost a full day of abject fail ensued.

[IMG] rumpled-wench-05.jpg

I am developing a sincere dislike for candles as sources of illumination — or more to the point, point lights. Theoretically, I will eventually figure the damn things out. In the mean time, there are spotlights, like the one currently hovering over the table.

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