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Title: Pointy-eared, but not hobgoblins…
Fandom: Potterverse
Characters: Ciaran, Ceallach, Snape
Rating: T
Warnings: Snape objects to being snuck up on and manhandled
Notes: I finally figured out the sliders for pointy ears. Now, I can do Roddy's cousins, and this opens up all kinds of shenaniganery. Ciaran and Ceallach are almost identical, at this time, because I can't really tell the difference between them in fic, either. Most of the eight cousins are a little ill-defined… but Ciaran's totally shorter.

[IMG] sev-07a.jpg

Snape does some late-night lurking. Background is Baroque Grandeur; lights are also from that set.

[IMG] ceallach-01.jpg

Ceallach was the first of the cousins I managed, so here he is, by himself. Background is from Digital Tourist – Irish Worlds.

[IMG] ceallach-ciaran-01.jpg

Ciaran looking pissy, on the left, and Ceallach looking amused, on the right. I said Ceallach was taller. Background is the same as above.

[IMG] ceallach-ciaran-sev-02-fix.jpg

[IMG] ceallach-ciaran-sev-03-fix.jpg

"You do want to play with us, don't you, Severus?"
"He's just going to disappoint you, like he always does, Ciaran."

Some post-work in Photoshop, on this and the next one, because fitting sleeves still escapes me, at times.

"No. The answer has always been 'no'. The answer is currently 'no'. For the foreseeable future, the answer will continue to be 'no'. Can I be clearer?"
"Aww, let 'im go, Ceallach. He's no fun, today."
"A damnable shame, it is. One of these years, we'll have you, boyo."

And, once again, Snape learned that 'no' was the most vital word he knew.

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