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Title: Rhapsody in Ass Major – Chapter 361
Co-Conspirator: TumblrMaverikLoki
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Artemis Hawke , Anders , Fenris
Rating: E (L2 N4 S4 V0 D1)
Warnings: The internet is for porn
Notes: Fenris rediscovers the joy of being in bed with two mages, instead of just one.

Anders put one finger on the tip of Fenris's knob and the other on the point of his chin, and current darted down the lyrium lines, a faint blue glow chasing it. Fenris's breath stuttered, and he arched against Artemis's legs, settling back down, panting, as Anders pulled his fingers away. With a smug smile, Anders curled up by Fenris's feet, massaging them as he licked at the tips of Fenris's toes.

And that was new. Artemis had touched much of him with his tongue over the years, but Fenris didn't think his toes were on that list. Fenris hadn't considered his feet for much, other than walking, kicking, or potentially picking something up with his toes. There was pleasure to be found there too, it seemed, between a sparking tongue and lyrium-lined feet, and he wondered what else these mages would show him before the night was over.

Behind him, Artemis shifted, settling at Fenris's back, one thigh to either side of Fenris. His fingers traced the hard planes of Fenris's back, just the ghost of a touch before adding pressure, sending a low pulse of electricity down his spine with each press of a thumb.

Fenris didn't recognise the sounds leaving his mouth as his own.

Anders hadn't expected this kind of response. In his experience, even while outrageously drunk, Fenris was relatively reserved — obviously not as quiet as he was, but that was only to be expected. That was his own curse, not Fenris's. Still, most of what had come out of Fenris, in the past, had been low moans and quiet, breathy sounds, more air than noise. And, of course, the occasional commanding growl. But, this… surprised squeaks and relaxed groans. Maybe it was time to introduce Fenris to the rest of this set of his talents. He'd had Fenris's feet in his hands, before, but it hadn't gone much further, then.

Fenris's head rested against Artemis's shoulder, as he tried to make sense of the sensations. Certainly the magic was something he'd felt before. He'd gotten a taste for electricity, even beyond the runes he wore almost constantly. But, the way Anders's thumbs pressed at his feet — he could feel his hips relax. He hadn't known his hips were capable of relaxing, but he swore it was happening now. And the constant flow of Artemis's magic against his back was a reminder that he'd finally found a mage he'd trust behind him. There were two mages in the room with him, and he'd removed his clothes, intentionally, to allow them to pleasure him — and that wasn't the way these things worked, he was sure, even in the South, but… nothing ever went quite the way it was meant to around the Hawkes, and maybe that was a good thing. Certainly there were demons and ancient magisters, but there were also inversions of the generally accepted order, like this. Like the two mages pleasuring him like he told them to. Like the fact that he was expected to have desires for other people to fulfil. Maybe that wasn't a bad thing at all.

Artemis feathered a kiss over Fenris's cheek, his hands working lower and lower. Those lovely little sounds were right in his ear, and Artie wondered what Anders was doing to get that kind of response. He felt a bit ham-fisted in comparison, hands moving more out of instinct than skill, but he took his cues from Fenris and those shaky sounds, knowing it was silly to be envious of Anders's talents, considering how often he'd enjoyed them himself.

"Mage," Fenris breathed at a particularly sharp jolt at a surprisingly sensitive spot, unsure which mage he was addressing.

"Mages," Artie reminded him, thumbs digging in behind Fenris's hips. And that drew an interesting sound.

Fenris found himself panting, unable to catch his breath as waves of pleasure crashed over him. Anders's hands hadn't yet left his feet, but those thumbs shot sparkles behind his eyes. And speaking of thumbs, whatever strange thing Artemis was doing to his back…

"You all right?" Anders asked, as Fenris looked particularly baffled, both hands clutching at Artemis's thighs.

A few moments passed, and then Fenris nodded, gazing at Anders in wonderment.

"Been a while since anyone's looked at me like that," Anders joked, fingers pressing in around Fenris's ankle, before he leaned down to trace a lyrium line with his tongue from the top of Fenris's foot all the way up to his knee.

Fenris squeaked, and that was a very un-Fenrisy sound in Artie's ear. Chuckling, Artemis nipped what he could reach of his husband's throat. "Having fun yet?" he rumbled against Fenris's skin.

Fenris's response wasn't quite a word. It was a sound Artie hoped was pleasured that sounded equal parts needy and confused, like he wasn't quite sure what was happening, but he didn't want it to stop.

"I'm going to interpret that as a yes," Anders said, meeting Artemis's eyes over the length of Fenris's body.

"It's… yes," Fenris finally managed.

Slowly Anders's lips and tongue worked their way up Fenris's body, while Artemis's hands worked their way down, and Fenris's fists twisted in the sheets.

"Mage!" Fenris's voice was breathy and strained as Anders's tongue traced the lines along his inner thighs, hands still kneading his lower legs.

Anders's eyes sparkled, and he looked like he might say something — no doubt something outrageously foolish, when voices from the other side of the wall interrupted.

A feminine whoop of glee preceded an utterly ragged, wordless shout of pain — clearly Cormac's. More of Cormac's excruciating screaming followed, and Anders could see the look that would be on his face, eyes bright, tears streaming down his cheeks, as he begged for— "More, yes, harder!"

"Sometimes, I worry about him," Anders sighed, rubbing his face, before he returned his attention to Fenris's thighs, current darting along the lines of lyrium, followed by his tongue.

"I always worry about him," Artemis sighed in turn, hands stilling on Fenris's skin before he shook off the distraction of Cormac's voice. He pictured the same thing Anders did, a picture his knob took especial interest in, and he tried not to squirm. Fenris. This was for Fenris's pleasure.

And Cormac's screams were certainly to Fenris's displeasure. The breathy, squeaking sounds that had fascinated the mages gave way to sullen growling even as these mages tried to coax him back into his earlier relaxed and dazed state. The electricity and press of fingers and tongue were, thankfully, distracting enough for Fenris to put Cormac and his screaming from his mind.

Artemis's hands kneaded at the tops of Fenris's ass while Fenris swore at something Anders did, bucking up into his touch. It was certainly a fine ass, Artemis reflected, one he never tired of squeezing. Artie's thumbs continued to spark as he moved, kneading in small circles until the pad of one thumb found the cleft of Fenris's ass and his entrance, sending a teasing jolt to the ring of flesh there without pressing in.

Anders looked up from where he'd been licking at the top of Fenris's thigh, as he realised where Artie's hands had gotten to. "Fenris. Deep breath."

Confused, Fenris struggled through a few more stuttery breaths, at Artemis's teasing, and then managed to inhale in a way that involved his entire body. Anders's hand swept across his belly, and a very strange sensation ran through him. Runny. Wet. "… What—?"

"For him. So the two of you don't make more of a mess than you need to." Anders shrugged, keeping his hands cupped on the points of Fenris's hips, little flickers of electricity leaping between them, sparking against the tip of Fenris's knob.

Fenris arched and writhed at the sparks, Cormac's voice nearly forgotten, even as it continued to thrum through the wall, along with rather suggestive thumping and scraping sounds. Oil, he realised, as he felt it run down but not out. Anders had put oil inside him, but made no move to make use of it, because he expected Artemis would. Which seemed an odd expectation, except that, oh, the way that thumb rubbed and stroked at him. It had been a kindness to Artemis, Anders had said, and Fenris could almost believe that. Artemis disliked getting grease on things, however much he knew to use it.

"I really wish you'd teach me that trick," Artemis said, but what he really meant was 'I really wish I could do that trick without accidentally getting grease in places not meant for it'.

"Or you could just invite me to more parties, and I can keep doing it for you," Anders replied with a wink.

Artemis's touch was still light on Fenris's hole, still tracing the ring but not dipping in just yet. Artie kissed the shoulder in front of him and asked, "Ready?"

"Please," Fenris panted. "Amatus, touch me."

Implying Artemis hadn't been touching him, but Artie knew what he meant. He grinned against Fenris's shoulder and closed his teeth around it in a teasing bite. "I love you," he said, "most gorgeous of elves."

Before Fenris could respond, before he could tell Artemis that that was high praise coming from him, Artemis pressed one finger into him and curled it, stroking electricity into his inner walls.

Fenris's entire body twinged, toes spreading, fingers digging into Artemis's thighs, and Anders took advantage of the moment, wrapping his lips around Fenris's knob and slowly lapping at the long lines of lyrium that ran from base to tip. Anders's hands moved in, thumbs tucking behind Fenris's balls, as the tips of his forefingers touched, just shy of Fenris's navel. Warmth and a faint tingle of electricity spread out from his hands, soothing the flesh he touched.

Above him, Fenris panted desperately, at a loss for words, as he clutched at any part of Artemis he could reach, the surprise so clear on his face. This — all of this — was new, somehow. Not that these things hadn't been done before, but never all at once. Never simply because he wished for it. Certainly never so thoroughly. Every time he thought Artemis had granted him the ultimate pleasure, every time he started to get comfortable with the limits of his own delight, his mage would find some new thing to entice him to further bliss.

And he wondered if this was somehow the offset to Danarius's unending parade of pains.

A part of Artemis wished he could better see Fenris's face from this angle, but then he wouldn't have those shaky breaths right at his ear, those soft barely-there sounds that made goosebumps rise on his skin. He thought, for a moment, of the last time he had stroked Fenris's insides this softly, this delicately. That part of the evening, at least, had gone well, even if it had ended in disaster.

A soft kiss behind Fenris's ear, and Artemis pushed in a second finger, both sending a pulsing current through Fenris's flesh in time to their movements. Fenris's hips jerked back on those fingers while Anders licked him to a different tempo. Together, they wrung sounds out of him that were as much desperate as pleasured.

"Artemis… Anders…" Fenris panted, ears trembling as he kneaded the thighs in his hands. Artemis smirked down at Anders over Fenris's shoulder.

The sound of his own name shot straight to his knob, and Anders looked up in surprise. He didn't think that had ever made the list, between the two of them, with Fenris either just calling him 'mage' or maybe addressing Justice. That was new, and he wasn't quite sure what to think of it — if it had just been an act of reflex or if he'd somehow gained something. It wasn't as if Fenris had a proper name, either, except that wasn't quite true. Fenris did have a name — a name his sister brought back to him — but it was the name of a person he didn't remember being. Still, his names were names, and not simply adjectives or common nouns. Even so, Fenris panting out what everyone else called him seemed like a small victory, after all this time.

Fenris's own thoughts were not nearly so collected, as he writhed, lost in both desire and having his desires granted. Everything seemed so simple, somehow. Everything felt good. He was naked and unafraid, between two mages whose magic seemed devoted to his pleasure. It was somewhere he was strongly considering making a point to be again, although, perhaps with less shrieking magical bear in the next room, in the future. That was getting a little tiresome.

Slowly, Artemis's touch built from teasing to merciless as he found a rhythm that matched Anders's, trading currents between his hand and Anders's tongue, currents that Fenris let sweep him away. Hips shivering, toes pointing, Fenris forgot how to breathe for a long, dazzling moment, forgot even why he needed to, forgot why he needed anything at all other than this pleasure as he pulsed on Anders's tongue.

Even with his eyes closed, the Fade sparked bright and blue, and Fenris knew that, if he opened his eyes, it would be to see blazing blue staring back.

The magic slowed, touches turning lazy and gentle, somehow both too much and just enough as these mages teased every last shiver out of him. "Amatus," Fenris breathed, only then realising that he was gripping Artemis's thighs perhaps a little too hard. He let go, soothing the crescent marks his nails had left with gentle strokes of his fingers.

Artemis offered no complaints, merely drew his fingers out slowly, almost regretfully, and wrapped his arms around his elf. "Right here, Amatus," Artie said in reply, kissing the shoulder in front of him.

Anders pressed a few more gentle kisses to the junctures of the lyrium lines down Fenris's legs, before he sat up and dragged his trousers back on, spending a long while fiddling with the codpiece. How had Cormac gotten it to sit so perfectly on him? Perhaps this was a thing that required another set of hands. Or maybe it just required the flagpole to be standing at something less than half-mast. Still, he was dressed before the long, lingering kiss behind him broke.

"Anders," Fenris said, quietly, waiting for the man to stop fiddling with his crotch and look back. "Thank you."

"No need." Anders took in the confusion that had returned to Fenris's face, in the aftermath, and went back to straightening the griffin. "Doesn't take much to convince either of us. Justice thanks you for sharing." He'd excuse himself, he thought, and get out of their way. Maybe stand around on the balcony until one of the dwarves came running for a healer, because Cormac had done something inexplicably stupid. At least they were upstairs. Maybe he just needed some air. Maybe he just needed this stupid griffin to stop digging in to his soft parts and his extremely less than soft parts.

Artemis frowned at Anders, or more specifically at Anders's trousers and codpiece. It wasn't sitting on him quite right, but he wouldn't mention it. "You look like you're leaving," he said. "You don't have to."

It wasn't the first time he'd made such an offer to Anders while wrapped around Fenris, and he suspected the offer would only be declined again. He also suspected Anders planned to check on Cormac, which was probably a wise choice, considering the sounds coming from next door.

Fenris grunted something non-committal and nuzzled under his mage's jaw.

"What," Anders teased, "and deprive the rest of the party of the Ander chorizo? That would be incredibly selfish."

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