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Title: Rhapsody In Ass Major – Chapter 173
Co-Conspirator: TumblrMaverikLoki
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Cormac Hawke , Artemis Hawke , Anders , Fenris
Rating: E (L2 N4 S4 V0 D1)
Warnings: Drunken stupidity, hot Hawke-on-Hawke action, Justice likes lyrium, questionable fluids through the nose, hilariously gross
Notes: Justice enjoys this little excursion into the abundant pleasures to be had of tasting lyrium, in certain ways. Cormac gets surprised, not entirely pleasantly.

A smile twitched at the corner of Fenris's lips. Anders squeezed Fenris's leg, his thumb tracing circles along the skin there. "You never answered my question, Fenris," he said, needing to hear the answer. Justice clamoured for control in the back of his mind, Fade-blue just waiting to crack through his skin. "Are you sure about this?"

'Sure' wasn't the word Fenris would use, but he wanted it anyway. "Yes," he said. "For the moment, I am. If that changes, I'll let you know."

The words came out a bit slurred, but the 'yes' was clear, as was the inviting cant of his hips. This time, when Justice pushed forward, Anders let him. Blue splintered across Anders's skin, eyes a glowing, burning blue.

"Be gentle, Justice," Cormac warned, remembering that time in the Deep Roads. "He's not me."

"YOU DO NOT SING FOR ME," Justice pointed out, as if that were the most obvious distinction between Fenris and Cormac. "I WILL NOT FORGET." He edged back until he could lower his mouth to the lines along Fenris's thighs, which were thicker strokes than the ones on his forearms. More gentle swirls of tongue, faint kisses, and needy sounds followed Justice's every motion.

Cormac watched a moment longer, before returning his attention to the beautiful body beneath him. "So," he began, rubbing spit-slick fingers over Artemis's hole, as he darted his tongue against the tip of Artie's knob, "you said you used to dream of me with my fingers in you. I remember that. Do you still want that? Do you want to remind me how you dreamed of me taking you, so I can make it more than just a dream? I wouldn't want to disappoint your memories of imaginary me."

Fenris's attention wavered between the spirit lapping at his thighs and the beginnings of what would no doubt become the kind of vile filth Cormac specialised in, beside him. Still, the way Artemis always reacted to that filth was enough to make Fenris listen more closely. Between Cormac and Theron, he thought he might learn how to talk to his mage, eventually.

Artemis groaned, his head pressing back into the pillow as he arched his back, tilting his hips to press down against his brother's fingers. He was still too drunk to see straight, let alone form coherent sentences while there was a mouth on his knob, but he would try because his brother had asked him to. "This is already better than the imaginary version," he said with a breathy laugh. "I was still… I was still only figuring things out back then, and… Maker. You would always take your time with me at first, teasing me like the asshole you are, until I'd beg for more. And then you'd give it to me hard and fast, the way you know I like it." The words flowed out of Artie unfiltered as he squirmed against Cormac, legs pulling him closer by the shoulders.

Justice sucked at a line of lyrium at Fenris's hip, and Fenris swore under his breath. Artemis looked to the side, catching Fenris's eye. Artie reached over, carding a hand through Fenris's hair before leaning in for a kiss, gasping against his elf's lips at another flick of Cormac's tongue.

Justice's tongue finally found Fenris's knob, licking experimentally at a bit of lyrium, and Fenris pulled back from the kiss to suck in a breath. "Venhedis," he swore, and Artie's mouth dropped to his neck instead, licking the stripes of lyrium there in counterpoint to Justice.

Cormac's fingers danced over Artemis's hole, one finally pressing in just the slightest bit, the pad rubbing against the edge in a few slow, teasing strokes. "You want me to tease you before I take you?" Cormac purred, pushing one finger in as deep as it would go, and then sliding it back out to the first joint. "Lucky you, that's what I do best."

He shut himself up, wrapping his lips around the tip of Artie's knob, sucking gently and darting his tongue against the slit. He could keep this going all night, if he wanted to, using the earthquakes as his guide for when to back off. The thought was oddly appealing, but he wasn't sure it was wise, with Artie this drunk. Pissing off the brother with the force magic might not be the best idea, if he expected to actually survive the evening. On the other hand, shields.

As Cormac debated with himself, Justice busied himself with Fenris's knob and Anders's memories — how the lines of lyrium fell along paths he'd want to lick anyway, that the taste was so similar and yet so different to what Anders remembered of so many others. And that was something battering against the back of his mind. This taste reminded Anders of another taste, one he was trying to keep to himself. Justice would let that go, for now. Anders had the strangest secrets, sometimes.

Stroking each line with his tongue, Justice marvelled at the artistry. Not only was the pattern attractive, but Fenris was still alive and relatively sane. The man who had done this was a terrible person, but a very, very skilled artisan, and Justice wondered if this art had been recorded anywhere, or if it would be lost upon the inevitable demise of the responsible party — something he intended to see to, at some point. For now, though, he could appreciate the work, the way his tongue crackled with it, and he let Anders lick the marked flesh into their mouth.

Fenris shuddered, clutching a hand in Artie's tunic to ground himself. Artemis's skin — Anders's skin — felt like magic, like a charge through his nerves, but Justice was something else, something more. This much, this close, was almost a burn, a line of fire that lit up his markings. A soft groan fell from parted lips, and Artemis could feel its vibration in Fenris's throat. Artie smiled, nipping just under Fenris's jaw, only to stifle a gasp against the skin there as Cormac's finger continued to tease.

One hand still curled in Cormac's hair, Artemis fought to keep his hips still, his breaths coming out in shivery pants against Fenris's neck. "How does it feel?" Artemis asked Fenris, nibbling the shell of his ear again. "I love when you make those sounds. I love when you talk. And, Maker, Cormac, I love when you do that with your tongue!" The next choked-off moan Artie made spilled right into Fenris's ear. Growling, Fenris turned his head and swallowed the next few sounds his mage made.

The lyrium was sweet against Justice's tongue, the song louder here, filling his head and drowning out everything else. Anders reminded him to move, coaxed his tongue to press just so, his lips and hands to move here and here.

Working his finger right where Artie wanted it, Cormac let himself indulge. Maybe Artie would be drunk enough to give him some lovely noise to go with the earthquakes, tonight. Not like anyone here knew them well enough to know that was his brother screaming his name — or even to know what his name was. Everyone thought Artie was Anton, anyway, and wouldn't that be a riot come tomorrow. He swallowed, drawing Artie's knob in deeper, pushing down until he could nuzzle his brother's belly. Soon the bed would start to shake, and then he'd back off and make Artie beg for more, but he always liked to show off a little first. Make it ever so clear what 'more' might consist of.

Beside him, Cormac could hear Justice making warm sounds of satisfaction — sounds he'd never really imagined out of Justice. Not that he didn't make offers, but Justice didn't take them very often, and when he did… that was not among the library of sounds he made. Cormac rested a hand on Justice's back, to remind Anders he was still there, still watching.

Justice barely noticed the hand, distracted as he was by the lyrium song filling all his senses. Even Anders had gone almost quiet in awe of the song, just nudging soundlessly, when Justice fell too far in. Justice could feel it in his chest, ringing through his ribs, like the Fade might run right through him, and words of praise and amazement turned into garbage sounds around the lyrium-etched flesh in him mouth. He sucked harder, working his tongue against the lines, feeling them light against him. This was the closest he'd been in years, and he wanted to savour every moment of it.

The sweet burn climbed up Fenris's spine, his back arching off the sheets. A sound that wasn't quite Justice's name slipped through grit teeth, and for a moment he spared a dizzy thought to how strange it would be to shout 'Justice!' in ecstasy.

Next to him, his mage started to shake, making those sweet, desperate little sounds against Fenris's lips, and Fenris clung to him, holding him close. He wrapped a hand around Artie's throat and squeezed just a little, fingertips glowing blue and sinking just under the skin. "Are you going to shake the bed for us?" Fenris murmured. He always loved how that felt, loved watching his mage come apart, and he divided his attention between Artemis and Justice, wanting to watch and feel the spirit but not wanting to miss this.

Artemis garbled something that could have been nonsense or it could have been their three names rolled into one, his toes pointing and hips shivering as his world narrowed to the mouth around his knob, the fingers crooking inside of him. He spilled inside his brother's mouth, his shout filling the room.

Cormac choked. For the first time in almost twenty years, he choked on the knob in his mouth, as it throbbed in his throat, and his brother's spend dribbled out of his nose. He pulled back, coughing and snorting, fingers still stroking Artemis's insides, trying to get words out, between attempts to clear out his sinuses. He'd have known, if it had been anyone else, but it was Artemis, and he'd waited for the earthquake to tell him. But, there was no earthquake. His eyes watered and his other hand finally moved from Justice's back to thumb the tears away.

"No earthquakes?" he finally managed, fingers curling in annoyance, but in a way he knew would only please his brother more. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he hoped it would make up for the fact that he was dripping spunk and snot across Artemis's belly.

Anders heard it happen, even as he urged Justice to suck harder and lap at the lyrium more quickly. He could feel Fenris coming apart beneath them, but some part of him wanted to check on Cormac. A glance to the side revealed pretty much what he'd expected, from the sounds, but he couldn't get a look at Cormac's face. But, then, if Cormac was still talking, it wasn't serious, and he could take care of it later. Justice fluttered with faint concern, but Anders redirected his thoughts to the matter at hand.

Artemis tried to sit up, only to flop back down with a strangled sound when Cormac curled his fingers. He could have sworn he felt the earth move, but maybe that was just the drink messing with his equilibrium. "No…? Oh." He blinked down at his brother, stiffening at the mess he was making. He fought back the urge to force shove Cormac and his dripping snot away and instead asked in a strangled voice, "Are you okay?" His hands flailed in the air a moment before finding a corner of the bedsheet, which he used to wipe the worst of the mess off his stomach. "Ew. That's just… ew."

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