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Title: Rhapsody In Ass Major – Chapter 172
Co-Conspirator: TumblrMaverikLoki
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Cormac Hawke , Artemis Hawke , Anders , Fenris
Rating: M (L2 N2 S3 V0 D1)
Warnings: Drunken stupidity, hot Hawke-on-Hawke action, Justice likes lyrium
Notes: The Hawkes give Justice bad ideas. Fenris is uncertain if he approves of these developments.

For all that Cormac was sure this wouldn't go much further, he still whispered into Artemis's ear, as he eased Anders's favourite boots off of Justice. "He loves the feel of the Fade against his tongue. Sometimes, I can trade him for Anders. He writes while I hold him, while I touch him like this." Cormac was a bit more solid than he'd been at the start of the affair, the indigo glow still clinging to him, but clearly visible and able to support his brother. He ran the fingers of one hand across Artie's lips and down his chin, as the other hand kneaded Justice's foot. "He likes my fingers in his mouth, just like Anders. Likes the glow against his tongue. The taste of home."

"I WISH TO TASTE YOU." Justice's lips moved against Fenris's palm. "MAY I? YOUR SKIN… THE LYRIUM SINGS, IF MORE QUIETLY NOW."

Cormac realised he'd stopped touching Fenris, at some point, or maybe Fenris had stopped touching him.

"Taste…?" Fenris began, thinking immediately of Artemis's earlier words, regarding the taste of his… 'spunk'.

Some of the panic must have shown on his face, because Justice elaborated, after some nudging from Anders, "YOUR HAND. I MERELY WISH TO TASTE YOUR SKIN. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE."

"Ah. I see." Fenris's cheeks still flushed with heat, ears twitching in opposite directions. "You… may?"


Fenris cleared his throat and took a moment to shake his head at the absurdity of the situation. A Fade spirit possessing an irksome mage, asking to lick his hand. More absurd still was his answer. "Yes. You may." He still watched Justice carefully as the spirit bent back over his hand. A possessed body's tongue, it turned out, felt much the same as anyone else's tongue, but Fenris still squirmed at the wet line Justice traced across his palm.

"Tell me I'm not the only one who finds this hot," Artemis asked, directing the words over his shoulder while watching the reverent way Justice touched and licked Fenris's hand.

"Holy balls," Cormac sighed against Artemis's ear. "Yours, of course. It's not just hot, it's inspiring." His hand slid down from where it rested against Artemis's neck to settle into his lap, squeezing gently. "Do you think we can talk them into something more? Justice on his knees, with that blissful smile, while Fenris fucks his mouth? All that lyrium on the tongue… I can remember almost every line of it, and I only touched it once. I was afraid it would scar." Cormac's other hand continued to work against Justice's foot, pressing on all those spots Anders loved to have rubbed. "Or maybe another way… You and Fenris, side by side, all hands and tongues, while Justice and I swallow you both down? What do you think of that, little brother? Should we suggest it?"

Justice continued to trace the lines he'd traced with his fingers again with his tongue, in slow, gentle, cautious motions. Tiny sounds of pleasure worked their way out of him, but he was willing to attribute them to Anders, not recognising such sounds as his own. Anders shoved a memory of the Deep Roads forward, reminding Justice of exactly the sorts of noises he could make, given the right provocation, and he gasped against Fenris's wrist, warm from the taste and warmer from the memory.

"Oh Maker, yes," Artemis breathed, hardly daring to blink. "All of that. Any of that." His hips moved in small circles, pressing up into Cormac's hand while Artie reached back to pull Cormac tighter against him. He wasn't sure how well this would end, wasn't sure if the more sober versions of themselves would approve come morning, but right then all Artemis cared about was the body pressed against his and the look on Fenris's and Anders's faces.

Fenris melted into the mattress, slowly losing his wary edge until his eyes rolled back. More sounds fell between them that Fenris would never take credit for. "Mage," he breathed, unsure whom he was asking for, whom he was addressing. There was a time when Fenris would have called Justice a demon, and the way Justice was touching him now, all careful caresses and gentle swirls of tongue, Fenris had to wonder if he was. "That's… I'm…" He struggled for words, wanting more but unsure of what. He looked at Justice, then pleadingly at the entwined mages.

"Fenris," Cormac said, after a few moments of waiting to see if Artemis would take the lead. "I know you're not asking me, but my brother's distracted. If you want more, maybe let him lick your knob. Anders is extremely very incredibly talented at knob-sucking, and I'm sure he'll share. Maybe let me lay Artie down next to you, so you can enjoy each other, while Justice and I enjoy you both?"

He squeezed Justice's foot. "He's got lyrium ridges along his knob. It's… an experience." Cormac declined to specify that he hadn't found it an entirely pleasant experience. Lyrium in bed might be fun, but he wasn't sure it needed to be that close to his knob. He also wasn't sure Fenris needed to be that close to his knob. Of course, he'd also forgotten how many times Anders had gotten that close to Fenris's knob and its lyrium ridges.

"IS THIS SOMETHING YOU WOULD LIKE?" Justice asked, as Anders flooded their mind with memories of sucking other, non-lyrium-etched knobs. After a brief pause, they remembered the library, together, and the feel of that lyrium pressed into them. Justice was still not entirely comfortable with the sensations Anders's body provided him, with the way the muscles flexed and rolled without his leave, the distracting throbbing against their belly, and other things Anders seemed to enjoy. Certainly, he remembered the Deep Roads, and how Cormac had led him to the pleasures of the flesh, but… he wasn't sure if the sensations were more pleasurable or irritating, if only in that they nagged and pulled at him, unceasingly, leading him further into things he hadn't meant to participate in, but now found he wouldn't turn down an invitation to.

Fenris should say no, wanted to say no, but his drink-fogged brain was stuck on the words 'lick', 'suck', and 'knob' and how much he liked when those three things went together. He looked at Justice, then at his mage and the eagerness in his eyes. There was a line here somewhere — he was certain of that — but he couldn't figure out where it was or if he'd already crossed it. Fenris nodded, taking a moment to find his voice before stammering out, "Yes. We could… yes."

Artemis grinned, twisting in his brother's arms to give him a lingering kiss and a squeeze to his ass, before disentangling himself. "You are a genius," Artie told his brother before settling back next to Fenris.

Justice's eyes seemed to glow a brighter blue, but his touch remained gentle as he pulled away, guided by Anders's memories to where he needed to be. "I THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT HONOUR," he boomed, and Fenris nodded, unsure how to respond to that.

"I'm only a genius if I can remember how your trousers work," Cormac muttered, kneeling between Artemis's legs. "Why do you own such complicated pants? Is this because we were coming to a sketchy part of town? Is this your defence against sitting on the wrong dick? Because, my beloved god-king, this may be proof against you getting a blowjob, at this rate."

"The belts are decorative," Fenris pointed out. "Stop unbuckling them and look to the left."

Cormac ran his fingers over his brother's left hip and cursed, quietly. "Are you fucking kidding me." The buttons opened easily under even his drunken fingers, and he pressed a kiss to the inner curve of one hip, right where Anders had a scar. Cormac wondered for a moment when Anders had become the defining point in sex acts, for him, but there was no denying it had happened. He tugged Artemis's trousers down to the tops of his boots and then fumbled a bit, before giving up and ducking under them, hooking his brother's legs over his shoulders.

"Sorry. Too lazy for boots," he said, sucking his fingers and gazing up Artemis's chest.

"You got the pants down," Artemis informed him, words still running together. "That's the important part." He gave Cormac's head a congratulatory pat before threading his fingers into his brother's hair. He wondered if he should invest in simpler clothes for just such occasions, only to decide the extra buckles were safer.

Justice knelt between Fenris's legs, but Fenris handled his own pants. The last thing he wanted was a Fade spirit pawing his crotch trying to figure out how the knots worked. He wriggled out of his leggings and luckily had no boots to contend with. He tossed them to the side, letting them flop to the floor, not caring where.

Justice drank in the sight before him, the new lines of lyrium that snaked up from Fenris's feet, up his long legs, curling around each hip and up his knob.

"Don't think I've ever seen a spirit drool before," Artemis said, watching Justice as he turned his head to nibble at the point of Fenris's ear. "I can't say I blame him."

Fenris shivered, both at the teeth around his ear and at the sight of Justice on his knees, clearly aching to touch him.

Anders tried to be supportive, really, but Justice reminded him of every drooling idiot teenager in Kinloch Hold — himself included. He was too old for this shit. He needed something a lot less drooly and stupid, or at least for the drooly stupidity to be the result of Cormac drinking too much. That was usually funny. But this… this was really kind of disturbing. He shoved his way forward, swatting Justice back, the blue fading into faint traces across his skin.

"Fenris? You sure about this?" he asked, slapping himself in the arm, as a bright blue seam started to open up. "If you change your mind, tell me. If you say my name instead of his, I'll make him stop." Anders hoped that was a valid offer, but he had no reason to believe Justice would be difficult to unseat, without a cause drawing him forward.

Fenris offered a dizzy, confused smile. When had he become surrounded by mages who asked him things? When had his opinion started to matter to someone other than Artemis? And why was he only really noticing it now? Surely the drink. He hadn't been this drunk in a long time. Perhaps he should take it up, again. It seemed to help his perception. "What are you?" he asked, reaching up to tuck Anders's hair behind his ear. There had been another question, one he meant to answer, but this one seemed more important, first. "It seems rude to think of you as an abomination, but I know no other word."

Definitely the drink, he decided.

Beside them, Cormac nuzzled and kissed Artemis's belly, flicking his tongue across the knob that twitched against his cheek. There were things he meant to say, things he meant to do, but what was going on next to him seemed much more interesting, for the moment. Artemis continued to toy with Cormac's hair, but his attention was just as focused on the pair next to them.

Anders blinked up at Fenris, gaze turning inward as he debated with Justice. "I'm Anders," he answered simply, shrugging. "Mage, healer, asshole. All of those things. I'm also Justice or… Justice is also me. Not an abomination. Just… complicated."

"So," Fenris said, drawing out the word, "It would be rude to call you an abomination but less rude to call you an asshole?"

"I'm not sure about less rude," Anders huffed, "but certainly more honest."

"The asshole with the flagpole," Artemis added under his breath.

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