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Title: Rhapsody In Ass Major – Chapter 176
Co-Conspirator: TumblrMaverikLoki
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters:  Cormac Hawke , Artemis Hawke , Anders , Fenris
Rating: E (L2 N4 S4 V0 D1)
Warnings: Drunken stupidity, hot Hawke-on-Hawke action, stupid Fade tricks
Notes: Cormac discovers a whole new kind of bad idea, and Artemis loves it. Fenris and Anders are substantially less thrilled.

Things moved faster, after that, once Anders didn't have to worry about Fenris's hand. Or Justice's fascination with it. All he had to worry about was himself and the two brothers directly under him. He held Artemis firmly, hoping to work Cormac up to another round before the inevitable happened, and his thumb stroked Artie's softening knob as gently as he could manage, while still slamming into Cormac like a dwarven miner hammering stone.

Cormac continued to plead, eyes unseeing and half-closed, body loose and nearly gelatinous with pleasure. He kept his mind focused on the incredible memory of his brother crying out his name in ecstasy… well, choking on it, anyway, and the reality of Anders filling him so perfectly with the flagpole, an ache that crept out through his bones. Time became some distant thing that mattered to other people and his perfect pleasure was interrupted only by stronger waves of the same — teeth against the bruises on his neck and shoulders, Anders spilling into him again and again, little sounds of pleasure from Artemis. At some point he realised, dimly, how well Anders had held them together, when his knob began again to take an interest in the proceedings, thickening from where it remained just barely inside Artemis.

Artemis felt his brother react and smiled lazily, content to let Anders prop up his lower body and push his brother into him again. His upper body lay slumped, half on top of the pillow, half on top of Fenris, his elf's arm still curled around him, fingers pushing back sweat-lank hair. Artie's hand had resumed its exploration under Fenris's tunic, fingers tracing the spiral of lyrium up Fenris's knob. He didn't need to look to know its shape, its contours, and Artie let Fenris's breath at his ear tell him what to touch and how. His touch was slow and teasing in contrast to Anders's pounding, and Artemis was content to float like this between Fenris and Cormac's pleasure, with Anders's hand on his knob.

Anders looked up at a hitch of breath from Fenris, saw the glazed look in the elf's wide eyes before he saw where Artie's hand had ended up, the tip of his middle finger teasing the elf's hole, pushing in just to the first knuckle. Anders's rhythm stuttered at the sight before picking up again with renewed intensity. Maker. That was something he never thought he'd see, but lately he'd been finding out all sorts of surprising things about Fenris.

"Mage," Fenris warned, squirming when Artemis's finger pressed deeper, stroking his insides.

"Which one?" Artie purred, nibbling on his earlobe.

"The more troublesome one," Fenris said, breath hitching and back arching.

"Cormac?" Artemis teased between gasps. "Troublesome is one word for him."

"Troublesome jelly," Cormac panted, between loud, desperate pleas for more. "Oh, fuck, Artemis, I hope you want more of me, because you're getting more." That was substantially louder, and Cormac's fingers twitched against the sheets where they'd landed, one hand returning to clutch weakly at his brother's side, a faint flicker of electricity dancing between his fingers.

A tiny gasp from Anders, the faintest shiver, and Cormac's eyes rolled back, his hips tilting up as he begged for more. "Please don't stop. Please don't be done. Oh, please, Anders, one more…" But, his thoughts remained on Artemis, on how much Artie loved the feeling of the Fade in him, and Cormac closed his eyes and cast, remembering how it felt to do it wrong, to only pull the Fade to him, but not let it pull him back in equal measure. The indigo glow crept inward from his fingertips, and he remained almost solid, almost real, even as he let it take him. He tried to ground himself in the feeling of Anders inside him, Artemis so tight and warm around him, and somewhere in the back of his head, he thought he could feel the magic laughing, which wasn't all that unusual, but it almost felt like inviting someone else to this already crowded pile.

Artemis's whole body jerked, eyes popping wide as he let out a hoarse shout by Fenris's ear. Fenris swore, head falling back as Artemis's fingers crooked inside him, and he looked over to see Cormac glowing. Not just a hand, the way Fenris had, but his whole body. "Fasta vass," he breathed. He could only see this ending badly, but the sounds Artemis was pouring into his ear would make it worth it. He had never heard his mage so loud, and Fenris found himself watching Cormac, wondering if this was a trick he could learn for when it was just him and Artie.  Or maybe it would be better to have the healer around just in case.

Artie tried to focus on Fenris's pleasure, on stroking his insides the way he liked, but it was hard to when his skin crackled with energy everywhere Cormac touched him. It was like the brush of Fenris's fingers, only it was everywhere, just under his skin and filling him from the inside along Cormac's knob. It didn't quite have the prickle Fenris's lyrium did, but it still lit up nerve endings he didn't know he had.

"Cormac! I… Cormac!"

Anders frowned down at the glowing body beneath him, even as Justice purred his approval in the back of his mind. He considered voicing some sort of disapproval, but Cormac seemed to be mostly solid and unlikely to be harmed by this idiotic decision. And it was idiotic. This wasn't just a hand — this was his entire body, both penetrating and penetrated, and the chance of an accident… still, Anders found himself drawn into the sensation, unsure of whether that was his own desire or Justice's, and not entirely certain it mattered, at this point. They were exhausted and sweat-soaked, and they'd been going long enough for Cormac to start sounding like he might go again, which meant it was probably almost time to stop. Most nights, this wouldn't even be near 'stop', but there were other people involved who might like to sleep at some point, so Anders was trying to keep things quick, rather than taking hours to wring every last drop of pleasure out of Cormac along the way.

"Yes," Cormac panted, catching his breath between screams, "scream for me, Artie, let me hear you—" The word trailed off into a long sound that was unmistakeably pain, as Anders leaned forward and bit his badly-bruised shoulder again. From anyone else, that might have been a bad sign, but Cormac followed it with more barely-coherent shrieks for more and harder absolutely anything Anders would give him. It was good. It was so good, it was perfect. And the world started to get a little fuzzy around the edges as he drew closer to spilling into his brother a second time — and just that thought was almost enough to make his eyes roll back again.

Artemis's cries changed in pitch, and Fenris felt him start to tremble, Artie's fingers moving more forcefully inside him. Fenris grunted his own pleasure in his mage's ear, one hand stroking himself in time to his mage's touch, his mage's sounds. Artemis tried to bite his lip around his shouts, but Fenris brushed his cheek and coaxed his lip back out from between his teeth. Cormac wasn't the only one who wanted to hear these new sounds from Artie, and Fenris purred soft words of encouragement in Tevene in his ear.

"Cormac," Artemis whimpered, his free hand clutching at the sheets. He repeated his brother's name between gasps of Fenris's, of Anders's, and pleas to the Maker. The crackle of energy spread over his skin, sank down into his bones, and Artie could have sworn he felt Cormac deeper than he'd ever been before, reaching places usually only Fenris or Anders could reach.

Fenris swore in Tevene, head falling back again as Artemis twisted his fingers just right. "Artemis!" he shouted, toes curling and feet rumpling the sheets as he spurted over his hand. "Amatus…"

Cormac rambled endlessly at the top of his lungs, as he slid deeper into Artemis, not realising he was starting to lose control of the spell. "Oh beloved, lord of my life, maker of all good things, king of my heart, you whose smile drew the path of my life—" The rest of the Nevarran-style prayer to his brother cut off as Cormac felt Anders's fingers — he hoped they were Anders's, just as much as he hoped he was hallucinating the whole thing — curled around his knob, squeezing and stroking gently. Something wasn't quite right, but Cormac couldn't figure out what it was, as Anders slammed forward again, with a sharp sound of pain that he'd care about in a split second… just as soon as the pleasure let go enough for him to think. He came again, spilling into his brother? Over Anders's hand? Reality had stopped making sense and everything was wonderful, except the part where he'd somehow hurt Anders, but he'd get back to that in a second.

Anders, meanwhile, had wrapped himself around Cormac and Artemis, which was much easier than it should have been. There must have been no space between them at all — all too literally, Anders realised, as his knob passed straight through Cormac and slammed against Artemis's tailbone as he came again. That would be the last one. The very last one for the night. That — It was a very good thing he was a healer, he decided, trying to bail his senses out of the sudden rush of glorious pleasure and crippling pain, long enough to heal himself. At least Cormac seemed to be enjoying whatever the fuck just happened…

Artemis made a noise that barely sounded human, eyes round, wide, and unseeing as he spilled over Anders's hand. He could feel Cormac throbbing inside him, close enough, deep enough to be a part of him, and two different heartbeats pulsed against Anders's hand. It was like his brother was coming through him, and that thought alone was enough to blot out Artie's vision in a blaze of white. He couldn't hear the sounds he was making over the roaring in his ears, couldn't hear the tortured shout he tried to muffle against Fenris's shoulder, couldn't hear the rumble as he shook the whole floor.

Fenris cupped a hand over his eyes, watching dust fall from the rafters. "Pedica me," he swore, pulling back to look at the magey mess next to him. "Cormac, what in the Blight's name did you do? Amatus. Amatus, are you all right?" This… this was exactly why Fenris hadn't let Artemis talk him into trying that.

"Fine," Artie wheezed, eyes still wide and glazed.

"The fuck?" Cormac muttered into his brother's shoulder, perhaps a little more literally than he'd meant to. "Anders, get off me. 'S a problem."

"No, really?" Anders wheezed, eyes clenched closed as he healed himself. "I hadn't noticed at all. I was completely expecting to ram my knob straight through you and into your brother's extremely solid ass, because that's exactly how this is supposed to work." He finally managed to roll off the top of the pile in the opposite direction of Fenris, one hand stroking his knob, checking for further damage. Not the first time he'd done that, but the first time he'd done that sober, which wasn't really an experience he wanted to repeat. Ever. He hadn't much wanted to repeat it drunk, but with Howe it was pretty much inevitable, at some point. Drunk Wardens were easily triple the accidents.

"You all right?" Cormac asked as he separated himself from his brother, feeling a twinge of loss as their ribs parted, and he was only himself again. His hips were a little more complicated to recover, but he managed, eventually.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I break my blighted knob all the time," Anders snapped, knowing it really was Cormac's fault, but at the same time, that he should have been paying more mind. He was the sober one of all of them. "Sorry. Hurt. Past tense."

Cormac leaned to the side, the glow finally going out, as he was sure he wasn't inside Artemis anywhere, still, and hesitated before touching his lips to Anders's forehead. "Sorry. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I had it for a minute, and then… I don't know, I just didn't. Stupid."

"Stupid. Yes." Anders nodded and looked up at Cormac, some combination of wonder and irritation in his eyes. And then Cormac kissed him. Actually kissed him. Lips against his lips. His breath hitched, and his hand leapt up to clench in Cormac's hair, but he stopped himself from ending it. And that was it, just lips, for a long moment, until Cormac drew back.

"Why is it so cold in here?" Cormac complained, easing into the tiny space between Anders and Artemis, feeling like he might never be warm or whole again. Well, unless he did that again. Which was a terrible idea and something he was sure should never be repeated, but in that moment… Everything had been closer to right than it had been in a long time, even if it was all an illusion. "Are we laying on the blanket? I'm going to be pissed if we're laying on the blanket."

"We're laying on the blanket," Artemis said against the pillow, his words sounding slurred again but less from the alcohol this time. "And I'm laying on… I don't even know whose mess this is anymore, but it's disgusting." He didn't so much as twitch a finger, however, and Fenris sighed, shaking his head.

"Up." Fenris patted Artie's shoulder with his clean hand and pulled his arm out from under the mage, wiping his other hand off on the already soiled blanket. Artemis whined in the back of his throat but pushed himself up enough for Fenris to pull the blanket out from under him, kicking the rumpled fabric towards the foot of the bed. Artie flopped back to the bed, curling up next to his brother and reaching for Fenris. Fenris curled up behind his mage, pulling Artie back against his chest.

"That was incredible," Artemis slurred.

"That was dangerous," Fenris said, glaring at Cormac over Artie's shoulder. "And not to be repeated."

"But that felt so… so…" Artemis's eyelids were heavy as he tried to explain. "I'd love to feel that close to you, Fen. Feel your heart beat against mine."

"I am not — no." Fenris shook his head and pressed a kiss to Artemis's hair.

Anders kicked the blanked out from under himself and Cormac before dragging it back up over them. "No. I'm not even involved in this, but I'm the healer, and I say no. Do you even—? Fenris, you've grabbed a heart. You know why this is a no. Do you have any idea what would have happened if Cormac had come back while he was passed through—?" A sound of raw frustration wrenched out of him. "No. That is ridiculously dangerous."

"Saarebas," Cormac muttered, draping a leg over his brother's shins.

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