Apr 022010

Title: WIP – Galahad and the Winter Court
Fandom: Camelot/HP
Characters: Galahad; Aedan, Lord Winter; Ceallach; Clover; Ceofine
Rating: T
Warnings: Ken-doll nudity
Notes: Okay, so, here’s another case of the sense getting bigger than the skill. I know what I’m trying for, and I’ve been working on it for most of the last day, but the more I figure out, the more I learn I don’t know.
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Apr 012010

Title: Futility and Forgiveness
Fandom: Camelot
Characters: Galahad
Rating: G-
Warnings: None
Notes: SirMordred is doing fic for art trade over on y!Gallery, and since I can now at least fake my way through some art, I threw in. I’m not entirely happy with how this came out, so I’m doing another one that’s way more arty and complicated (read: a giant pain in my ass). Shame on me for posting a single image.
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