Jul 312011

Title: Sainted
Fandom: Viridian Legacy: Glass
Characters: Arkady
Rating: G- (L1 N0 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: Blasphemy? Me? … Probably.
Notes: So, like … last year, this time, I was screwing around with some new toys, and I couldn't manage a version of this image that I liked, and mum wanted it on a t-shirt, anyway, blah blah, long story short, I swapped out some textures and it rendered like a dream.

This was the original. The lighting is godawful, etc, etc…

Less godawful, but that background has got to go — disrupts the lines on the halo too much.

Better, but still missing something…

Oh, wait. That's what's been wrong with this image… *whistles innocently*

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