Apr 102010

Title: [Untitled Crack Drabble]
Fandom: ST XI
Characters: Kirk, Spock, Scotty
Rating: G-
Warnings: Unadulterated crack
Notes: OP asked for Kirk to be literally unable to keep his hands off of Spock. *whistles innocently*

From this prompt:
After a mission gone awry, Jim can't keep his hands off Spock. Literally.

When the rescue was complete, it was Scotty who first noticed how close the captain stood to his first officer. "Sir, you know, yer safe now. Ye can take yer hands off of Mr. Spock any time now."

"Actually, Mr. Scott, he can not," Spock deadpanned. "Our opponents on the planet's surface assaulted the captain with a remarkably strong adhesive, and when he attempted to prevent me from falling into a pit, we became rather permanently attached."

Kirk looked at anything that wasn't Scotty. "Could've been worse, I could've caught him by the ankle, instead of the waist."

"You should be receiving instructions shortly from Dr. McCoy, with regard to generating a solvent. Please do so post-haste, Mr. Scott." With that, Spock turned and left the transporter room, dragging his suddenly-stumbling captain in his wake.

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