Mar 292010

Title: Captain Ferret
Fandom: ST XI
Characters: Kirk, Spock, Spock!Prime
Rating: G-
Warnings: None
Notes:OP asked for Prime to have a cute nickname for Kirk, and that Spock should object to it. The fic, here, may actually be shorter than the prompt.

For this prompt:
So I know someone else just posted a Spock Prime prompt, but damn it, it was Leonard Nimoy's birthday and the man is made of sexy and there needs to be more Spock Prime on the meme. SO:

Spock Prime has some kind of ridiculously cute nickname for Kirk. Preferably something schmoopy/sappy/adorable in Vulcan. (Be creative, anon! Whatever you want! I would just love something OTT cute, like "kitten" or "baby" or "little one" or some other Vulcan word.)

Kirk kind of shyly loves it (no one's ever had a nickname like that for him before).

Nu!Spock is secretly jealous.

*bats eyelashes at lovely anons* Please? I know it's ridiculous but I waaaant it. β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

They'd gone to Ambassador Selek's for dinner, that night, and the old Vulcan was in fine form. Spock spent most of the meal with a look of mild irritation and a poorly concealed green blush, and Kirk had spent it laughing. Selek — the other Spock — was just as delightfully droll as always, and as usual, he managed to keep a straight face, while doing so, although his eyes always sparkled a bit, when Kirk laughed. He missed his Kirk, and it was easy to see.

"So, tell me, pi'tchakarya, has young Spock been keeping you out of trouble?" Selek asked, with a sly look at Kirk.

Kirk laughed again. "As if anything could keep me from getting into trouble. He does a fine job of getting me back out of it, though."

"Ambassador," Spock began, his eyebrow arching imperiously, and his voice low and cutting, "what possible reason could you have for referring to my captain as your 'little ferret'? Such a phrase would seem to be insulting to both his competence and his intent."

"Aw, come on, Spock. It's cute. I kind of like it." Kirk complained. "Ferrets are adorable little troublemakers. You know, just like me."

"I protest, Captain. You may be handsome for a human, but you are by no means an adorable creature." Spock did not look amused. "You are correct, however, with regard to your capacity for trouble."

"My captain was much the same," Selek offered. "Tell me, Jim, do you also bounce on your toes, before getting on the transporter, for a difficult mission?"

"Yeah! Yeah, I do…" Kirk sounded surprised.

"He told me it was called a 'ferret war-dance', and that it helped one get ready for difficult confrontations." Selek's lips relaxed slightly in a Vulcan smile. "I always found it rather humorous."

Kirk's jaw dropped, and he pointed across the table at Selek. "It is! Oh, man, I never noticed that, but it's just like that thing that ferrets do, right before they bite you."

He roared with laughter, at the image, and the ambassador cocked a smug eyebrow at Spock.

"I object," Spock muttered, sulking around a mouthful of pla-savas, but neither of them paid him any mind.

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