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Title:  Turnabout [Part 1]
Fandom:  Potterverse
Characters:  Albus Dumbledore, Gellert Grindelwald
Rating: E
Warnings:  19th century dialect, smut, surprise buttsecks
Notes:  I promised ekaterin24 some Dumbledore/Grindelwald, about two weeks ago, and it's kicking my ass. This is about half the story — more to come when I get over this appalling writers' block.

Late summer afternoons in Godric's Hollow were unquestionably the most pleasant of all times, in that place. The low sun painted everything in a honey-coloured glow, and the temperature hovered at a mere gentle warmth. And for the two boys lounging amid the heather, on the moors outside the village, late afternoons were the ideal time for talk of the future.

"But, seriously, Albus — if you simply remove the people who practise those sorts of things and burn the books that explain it, in time, there won't be anyone left who knows it." Gellert rubbed his cheek against his debate partner's chest.

"You can't do things like that, Gel." Albus twisted his fingers in the blond's hair. "If you criminalise ideas, they become more popular. Everyone wants to know the secret. You're better off making a joke of their philosophies. Bring it all out in public and disprove it."

"You're a genius. I'm a genius. But, that's got no bearing on our influence. We're young and pretty — especially me —"

"Git." Albus thumped him on the head.

"Merlin's truth it is, and you know it!" Gellert glared up at Albus's chin and rubbed at his head. "But, the point is that sense isn't appealing to most people, the way it is to us. If it were, we wouldn't be having this problem."

"People are insensible," Albus agreed. "And it isn't like sense tops the list of things I'd name that you bring out in me."

Gellert rolled over, pinning Albus to the ground under him, and looked down with a wicked grin. "Really?" he purred. "And what do I bring out in you?"

"Vanity and impulsiveness," Albus replied, pinching Gellert just above the hips, with both hands.

With a squawk, Gellert tried to bat the hands away, but he failed and arched forward, squirming and cackling, as Albus tickled him. "Not fair! Not fair!"

"All's fair in love and war," Albus quipped.

"War it is, then!" Gellert cackled, still trying to extract himself. "I'll give you water for wearing, if you don't quit!"

"You wouldn't!" Albus gasped, in mock horror.

"Keep it up and see if I don't!" Gellert wheezed, pulling his own robes out from under himself.

"You're a brassy little libertine, aren't you?"

"You're just lucky I haven't blacked your arse, with all that brass weighing my stones."

Albus rolled them both over, slipping a hand up Gellert's robe, to pinch his thigh. "We'll just see whose arse comes up blacked, today."

"Going blind in your old age? You're four inches slight," Gellert laughed, reaching up to slap Albus on the rump.

"Old age! Why, I'm barely older than you!" Albus leaned down to nip at Gellert's nose.

Gellert pulled at Albus's brief beard. "You grow this out like a man of years."

"And you make me wonder if I shouldn't shave it off! The way you keep painting it in brilliants, with your appalling aim… My brother was the first to note I hadn't wiped all your jewels off my face, last time," Albus grumbled, unconvincingly.

"And you're so sure my aim's bad? Funny, I thought I was right on the mark." Gellert yanked Albus down for a kiss, holding him tight, by the beard.

"Beastly rogue," Albus muttered against his love's lips. "See if I don't just paint the back of your head, this time, for your troubles…"

But, Gellert refused to respond to such provocations, instead nipping at Albus's lips until they parted for his tongue. There followed many slipshod kisses of the sort so rightly attributed to intemperate youth, the wet-mouthed sucking of lips and tongues made no better by Gellert's firm grip on Albus's beard.

With a small grunt of effort, Albus drew up their robes, balancing where his lips pressed to Gellert's, as he squirmed to stop kneeling on his own. As Gellert took the sudden freedom to wind a leg about Albus's waist, Albus let his hand caress the thigh of that leg, stopping just at the hip, and tracing out across Gellert's belly with a thumb. Seconds dragged out into minutes as Albus nibbled at Gellert's lips and continued to toy with the younger man's skin, trailing his fingers over belly and hips, as Gellert thrust and twisted beneath him, trying to get the hand where he wanted it.

Finally, Albus gave in, wrapping his hand around Gellert's half-stiffened rod and gathering the foreskin up over the head. Squeezing gently and rolling the flesh in his fingers, he worked the proud staff down to a mere tight lump inside the wrapping, and for nearly a minute, he rolled the tips of his fingers against his thumb, through the skin, just past the tip of the flesh inside. Gellert's eyes gleamed through their lusty haze, as Albus began to cautiously frig him, letting the dusky purple head of his prick slip nearly out, then pulling the foreskin back over it. Each iteration let a little more blood in and a little more length out, and by the course of minutes, the rock-hard length forced itself to full extension, in Albus's hand.

All at once, Gellert released Albus's beard, shoving the tall young man back, by the chin. "Let me up!"

Albus merely raised his eyebrows, amusement gleaming at the corners of his eyes.

"Come, now, I'll give you a buggering you'll hound after as long as you live!"

"No." Albus leaned back down, with a twinkle in his eye as he smiled. "I think it's my turn to return the favour."

Gellert turned a peculiar shade of off-white. "Stop joking, Albus. My prick's throbbing, and I want to fuck."

"When have you ever known me to jest about the important things?" Albus's eyes sparkled with amusement, as he licked a finger and twisted it into the last place Gellert wanted to admit knowing it would go.

Gellert squawked in dismay. "You can't do that without —"

Albus muttered a Latinate phrase, and the passage slicked and relaxed around his finger. "Wandless magic. It's one of those benefits of 'old age'."

"Words alone cannot convey the breadth of my malice, for you, right now," Gellert snarled, unconvincingly, as he writhed against Albus's hand.

"Oh, well, would you rather I stopped?" Albus pulled his finger almost out and blinked twice in faux surprise.

"Dare it, and I'll break your fingers and then fuck you bloody."

Albus pushed the finger back in, rapidly joining it with two more. "As long as we're both playing from the same deck, here."

"We're not. I should still be on top," Gellert sulked, "but, you're implausibly good at that, so I shall cease protesting this once."

"Ever so good to know I'm merely implausible, rather than impracticable, or I should have to stop at once!" Albus laughed, leaning in to steal another kiss.

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