Jun 282009

Title: The Weight of Twenty-Five Years [part 5]
Fandom: Potterverse
Characters: Rodolphus Lestrange/Severus Snape
Rating:Β E
Warnings: The internet is for what? Oh, right, PORN.
Notes: HAHAHAHA. I finished it. And I think it's middling fair IC all the way through. My good god, you would not believe the arguments I had trying to get Severus through this last damnable scene.

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Roddy thumbed Sev's cock, just to keep the poor potions master's mind on the subject at hand. His own mind was brought snappingly back on topic by the flush across Sev's chest and the pleading sound that echoed from his throat. One hand clenched, as that sound resonated through Roddy's ears, buckling the lean muscle of Sev's chest, leaving faint marks behind, in the skin.

Severus froze still, looking to Roddy for a clue. Did the strangely delicious pain in his chest mean he'd done something wrong? Roddy just panted, softly and stroked him faster, with one hand, the other hand catching Sev's nipple between the thumb and a knuckle. That, as far as Severus could tell, meant he'd done something right. He reached out, again, fingertips grazing the head of Roddy's cock. This was the man he loved, he reminded himself, and he would learn to appreciate the innate maleness of his lover. He already loved the man — that part took no thought at all — and he would learn to love the cock, as well.

With a surprised gasp and an appreciative purr, Roddy tipped his hips, offering himself, and was deeply satisfied when Sev's fingers stroked him more surely. He could feel the blood pulling out of his fingertips as he leaned back, lightheaded, lips spilling impassioned pleas he couldn't quite comprehend through the haze of lust that dampened his wits. But, Roddy's fingers showed him how well Sev understood, passing along every twitch and throb of the cock that lay in their grasp.

Rising up on his knees, Roddy held Sev's cock straight up, under him. "I need you to be still for a little bit. Just breathe, and think about breathing."

Severus nodded, confused, but the confusion vanished in a flash as Roddy slowly began to lower himself onto Sev's cock. The tightness and heat were completely unexpected, and he turned his chin up, panting through his clenched teeth, as Roddy slid farther down, moment by moment. Roddy wasn't silent, either, groaning, softly, as Severus slid up into his body, a centimetre at a time, rubbing him in all the right places. Finally, his ass settled against Sev's balls, and he could breathe, again, if a little stiffly. There was a bit more of Sev than even he had anticipated, and he'd been calculating for a quarter century.

Catching his breath, Roddy leaned forward, catching one of Sev's shoulders in each hand. Sev's normally cold grey eyes looked hot enough to throw sparks, as Roddy stole a fast and needy kiss that left him panting.

"Move," Roddy commanded, eyes alight, almost a feral expression of glee on his face. "Fuck me."

It was Roddy who began to move first, grinding down, as Severus struggled to work out the physics involved, and where to put his feet to make it work. Finally, Severus gave up, pressing himself down against the bed, and letting the springs return him to Roddy. His hips rolled clumsily, at first, but grew steadier as he learned to follow Roddy's lead and found the ideal tangents in their arcs of motion. The world spun. He saw stars. If such a thing were possible, Severus would insist that Roddy had become implausibly beautiful — not that he hadn't been the image of androgynous pulchritude before that moment, but looking up along his slim body, Severus became convinced that Roddy was glowing. It was likely an illusion, but Severus couldn't bring himself to care. His heart raced, and his hands tightened around Roddy's hips.

With a small sound of shocked dismay, like a man who's dropped a crystal bowl, Severus thrust, breaking the rhythm, as he emptied himself into Roddy. His mind skittered witlessly across a variety of related topics: Now what? This only happens in the parts of books I skip over — I've never done this with anyone watching — What if I've done it wrong… But, any concerns he'd had were swept away as Roddy shifted position, on top of him, with a low groan.

"Yes…" Roddy hissed, wrapping a hand around his own cock as he pressed his lips to Sev's.

Severus laid back in a lazily stunned haze, as Roddy tightened around him. He rolled his hips, slowly, keeping maybe a third of Roddy's desperate pace, and letting the small, pleading sounds that spilled from the redhead's mouth soften the damage he'd just done to his own ego. Of course, the dim softness of his wits, brought on by the exertion and a whole lot of breathing used air, was enough to wash most of the embarrassment away, all he could really think of was how beautiful Roddy looked and the fact that his fingers and toes tingled in the most pleasant way.

Suddenly, Roddy's body tightened, back arching, fingers digging into Sev's shoulder. He was nearly soundless as he spilled across Severus's chest, and he froze in position, carefully supporting himself just above the mess, as he panted.

"Thank you," he whispered in Sev's ear, kissing his cheek, trying not to ask for what finally slipped past his lips. "Tell me you'll have me. Is it just this once to shut me up, or…? I'm sorry. Forget I asked."

"Roddy, get a towel before we have a mess," Severus muttered, not quite avoiding the question.

As the Irishman rose, pushing back the blankets, and then stood, Severus watched the weight of Roddy's years settle onto him for the first time in their lives. Cursing under his breath, Severus sat up, trying to keep the spatters on his body and off the sheets.

"Merlin's bloody balls, Roddy. It's a stupid question. It's a question you already know the answer to." Severus sounded pained, in that way he usually did when talking to a stupid student. "Did you think for a minute that I'd walk away, just because I'm not responsible for you, any more? I thought you were the smart one, of the three of us."

Roddy threw the towel at his head. "I don't know, Sev. I wasn't sure you bled blood until I found it all over the floor. Do I ask things I know the answer to?"

Severus attempted to clean himself off with the towel, before realising that colloids don't absorb like liquids do. He did his best and tossed the towel on the floor, holding his hand out to Roddy.

"Yes, you do. I can count multiple occasions off the top of my head, and I'm exhausted. Come back over here and stop being dramatic." He laid back on one elbow, hand still extended.

"I wish I had a camera, I do," Roddy giggled. "You look like Maitiu."

"Ass." Severus picked up the towel and threw it at Roddy, as he dragged the covers over himself.

Roddy batted the towel aside and dove onto the bed, wrestling some of the blankets away from Sev, to get under them. "You never answered my question."

"Yes, Roddy, you're mine. You're no less mine than the nose on my face." He poked Roddy in the shoulder, before rolling over and burying his face in the pillow, muttering something that might've contained the words "gobshite", "cockwitted", "dishonour", and "doubted me".

Roddy wrapped himself around Severus's back, relaxing into the youth he had neglected to enjoy while he'd lived it.

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