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Title: The Weight of Twenty-five Years [Part 2]
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Rodolphus Lestrange/Severus Snape
Rating:Β E
Warnings: Angst, awkward, smut
Notes: There's a nifty little quirk, here, that shouldn't go unattributed. I'd like to thank Kentifyr, for that one, but I'll leave you to guess the what and the why.

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Roddy pressed his lips to Sev's chin, recounting, in a whisper, all the times before. "You were always wearing clothes — usually, so was I — but this is the part when you tell me you're not drunk enough for this, and you'll have alcohol poisoning before you ever get that way." He nipped at Sev's lip and looked straight into those cold, grey eyes. "You going to do it again? Do you need me to go get you the whiskey? You're oddly sober, tonight."

Spots of colour flared high on Sev's cheeks, as his hand leapt up to the middle of Roddy's back, pulling him forward. "If you get out of this bed, Rodolphus, I swear on Merlin's balls, I will kick you directly down the stairs."

"Then let me assure you, dear Severus, that the only reason I would get out of this bed, right now, would be to get right back into it — just to reassure myself I'm not dreaming," Roddy laughed, fingers playing over an old scar on Sev's hip. "Bella gave you this one, didn't she? I remember it. Opened you up with my knife, in the corner of the pub."

"It was because she thought I was cheating on her. With you, I might add." Severus smiled — an appalling sight, really, but one that made Roddy's heart flutter. "And all those years, it was you trying to cheat on her with me — and successfully cheating on her with half the population of England and Ireland. I would almost feel bad for her, if she'd been anyone else. As it stands, she's lucky I didn't leave her dead in a ditch."

"Thank you for not killing my wife, Severus. I was using that, I was." Roddy lifted the blanket and ducked under it, sliding downward amid Sev's protests and sounds of utter confusion. All the sound stopped in a single gasp as Roddy's tongue caressed the line of the scar. "I always wanted to kiss this better."

Sev failed to make entire words, stuttering and gasping as Roddy's teeth and tongue caressed the jutting edge of his hip. His fingers clutched at Roddy's hair as the Irishman's thumb pressed into the top of his inner thigh, a delicious counterpoint to the teeth against his opposite hip. He offered no resistance, as Roddy pushed him onto his back and straddled his legs, slowly kissing his way back up Sev's lean belly and chest. By the time Roddy was staring down into his eyes, again, sleekly poised over his reclined form, there was only one point of contact between their bodies, and Sev tried very hard not to think about it, for fear of losing his nerve. All the same, Roddy was beautiful, just as he always had been, and he would be for far longer than Sev could maintain even the cold promise of a Wizard's middle-age. And Sev could feel the heat from him — twenty-five years of unsatisfied lust — and wondered how anyone could keep focus, that long, on someone who never said yes.

"Roddy, ask me like you always do."

"Do you want me to stop?" Roddy's eyes looked concerned — which was a neat trick that had taken a lot of practice, since one of them was glass.

"No, I don't. I want you to kiss me." Sev tugged gently at his hair, and Roddy shifted carefully, adjusting his weight just so, keeping the single point of contact and adding only one more, as their lips touched.

Sev's lips parted, and his world spun as Roddy claimed his mouth, again. He felt a heat spread through him from the base of his spine, and a warm shudder followed it up, bringing his attention to the tiny, wet smear where Roddy's flesh brushed against the bowl of his hips. Sev's attention was brought suddenly and firmly to the recollection that, for all his beauty, lust, and soft skin, Roddy was unmistakably male. His mind rebelled, telling him to stop, deriding him for falling victim to another sick weakness. But, he pushed it all aside. This was Roddy, and he loved Roddy. They'd been stepping around each other for a quarter of a century because Sev hated to be touched. Even Bella hadn't gotten quite this far with him, and she'd gotten farther than anyone, to this point. He lifted his hands, sliding them over Roddy's back, focusing on the feel of skin on skin, the shape of the bones beneath. Stretching his hands farther, he stroked his thumbs along the lines where Roddy's thighs joined his hips, and the slim body above him twisted as Roddy nearly lost his balance.

Roddy pulled his knees up, breaking the kiss, and gazing amusedly down at Sev, from a Sphinx-like pose. He sucked one of his own fingertips, as Sev's hands slid up his thighs, and then up again to cradle the points of his hips. The finger slipped from betwixt his lips with a practised faint pop, glistening wet.

"May I…?" he asked teasingly.

"Yes, of course," Sev snapped, impatiently. "I wouldn't know how to lead, but you know I'm quick enough to follow."

"Patience is a virtue, Severus." Roddy tapped him lightly on the nose with the wet fingertip.

"Yes, it is. And you can stop being patient, now, Roddy." Severus closed his eyes and let his hand move by memory, one finger tracing the length of Roddy's cock, as he tried his best to bend his mind around the idea. Above him, he heard Roddy's breath shorten. "I will give you what you always wanted. And I'll tell you no one else has ruined it for you, either. No hands but my own."

Roddy made a strangled sound, at that pronouncement, taking a few seconds to re-settle his wits before proceeding. "So, I would be the first to do this?" he asked, wetting his fingertip, again, and circling the tip of Sev's cock with it.

"Yes…" Sev moaned, before clarifying. "The first. The only. Please, do it again!"

"All these years you've waited, and you tease me about it?" Roddy joked, voice tight and cracking. A tear slipped out of his good eye, splashing against Sev's chest. Unable to pass up a brilliant opportunity, he dipped his finger in it, and complied with Sev's request, watching colour bloom across his old friend's skin as he fingered the slit with his tears.

"I thought I was waiting for someone else," Sev ground out, failing to look entirely sulky.

"Hm, yes, her loss. My gain." Roddy looked perfectly philosophical as he pushed himself back along the bed and lowered his mouth to Sev's crotch. "Your gain," he breathed against the base of Sev's cock, and chuckled as one hand leapt to his hair and the other scrabbled at the bedsheets.

As Roddy's tongue traced the half-hard length of his cock, Sev suddenly half sat up, propping himself on his elbow and jerking Roddy's head back by the hair. "No! No… Come back up here."

Confused and rubbing his head, Roddy complied. First time anyone's done that, he thought. "You alright?" he asked.

"Yes. Fine." Severus reached out and stroked Roddy's cheek. "My memory's longer than yours, these days. Just take my word when I say I can't watch you do that, right now."

Roddy turned his head and kissed Sev's palm. "I trust you. Just show me what you want."

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