Apr 082007

Title: Hospital Humour
Characters: Shiranui Genma, Hagane Kotetsu, Mitarashi Anko
Rating: T
Warnings: Expletives and incidental violence
Notes: Another case of bio-fic. Too much rum gives one bad ideas.

Genma sat on the edge of Kotetsu's coffeetable, laughing like a moron, as Kotetsu described unconsciously kneeing the medic in the face. He and Anko had come here to get drunk and propose a mission — and drunk was well underway. Anko was giggling at Kotetsu's descriptions of his last hospital stay while teasing the hyperactive kitten that stuck to the side of the couch she was seated on like velcro sticks to speaker shielding.

"Reminds me of the time I punched that one poor medic in the face. Nobody told me about it until weeks later, so I couldn't even apologise." Genma sipped his drink, careful to avoid dropping his senbon in the cup. "Of course he was trying to put a tap into my hand, so I can't say I really blame myself."

Kotetsu stared and failed to get past the first syllable of the first few words he tried, before finally giving up and offering his complete attention to the swiftly diminishing drink in his hand.

"Oh, no." But it was obvious that Anko actually meant 'Oh, HELL no.' "How stupid…"

Genma cut her off. "Maa… It's alright. They didn't know me. Standard procedure."

Kotetsu looked up with a smirk. "Mine gets better. Next time I was in the ER, getting some new slices sewn back up, the tech was that guy. And he had a scar on his face from where I'd hit him with my knee. Now, nobody told me I hit him, so when he said something about it, I just sort of looked at him. So, then he tells me the story, and I'm just like 'Oh, shit.'"

Anko has forgotten about the cat. She's got both hands clapped over her mouth, laughing hysterically. Genma is open mouthed, senbon miraculously still perched on his lip.

"But it's months. Months! And nobody bothered to tell me this. So, you know, I apologised." Kotetsu shrugged and laughed.

Genma shrugged and blinked. "Like you do."

Anko managed to stop choking on her own laughter and picked up her drink.

Genma looked around the room. "Fucking fuck. There's something really wrong with us, isn't there. We're sitting around, getting drunk, and laughing at old hospital stories."

"Yup. We sure are." Anko nodded.

"Yeah, that's about normal around here." Kotetsu tilted his head in amusement.

Genma raised his glass. "May we all live to keep telling them," he toasted, and the room returned to its usual bloodsoaked hilarity.

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