Mar 082007

Title: Not in My Classroom
Characters: Umino Iruka, Hatake Kakashi
Rating: G-
Spoiler: None
WARNINGS: None, yet.
Notes:A fair swath of this is actually written, and I'm just doing transcription and cleanup. However, I can't read my own handwriting, so it'll be a little slow.

Kakashi stepped into the classroom bearing a message from the Hokage. He raised a hand in a dismissive gesture, to let Iruka know it was nothing urgent — Tsunade had decided that the latest mission reports coming in from ANBU contained information that the academy instructors needed. Despite the protests of others, he had agreed with her. The children, after all, were the future of the village, and if there were to be another attack while Konoha was still underpowered, it was most important to protect the students and their instructors, or there would be no more Konoha.

He'd volunteered to carry the notices to the school, and saved Iruka's class for last. As he settled himself against the wall beside the window, drawing forth the orange-covered book that was his persistent companion, he engaged in a few moments of quiet contemplation. He was always pleasantly surprised that the dark-haired chuunin — only a year or two behind him in school — was still alive. Iruka, as far as he could tell, didn't have the heart to kill people. It was not, then, as many suspected, a lack of skill that kept him from becoming a jounin; rather, Iruka seemed entirely content pushing himself to his absolute limits to educate the next generation. There was no need, Kakashi decided, to risk the gentle-hearted teacher in combat — and both Sandaime and the chuunin in question had acknowledged that fact, silently. Who would do Iruka's job as well as he did?

Iruka-sensei finished giving his class directions for the worksheet, and much to their relief, finally allowed them to work on it. As he turned his attention to the masked jounin standing by the window, his face leapt through contortions of fury at the book cover that mostly concealed the mask. He covered the space between them faster than any eye in the room could follow. "Keep working on that until I get back. This will just take a minute," he [—can't find the original doc to finish transcribing—]

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