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Title: Rhapsody in Ass Major – Chapter 234
Co-Conspirator: TumblrMaverikLoki
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Cormac Hawke , Artemis Hawke , Fenris
Rating: M (L3 N2 S3 V0 D0)
Warnings: Hot Hawke-on-Hawke action, bondage, light D/s
Notes: Artie does so delight in being tied down by his favourite teases.

Artemis watched them both when an expression somewhere between desperate and adoring. "Tease," he groaned, stomach muscles jumping at the touch of an evening breeze. He pried his hands away from the grips long enough to sit up and pull off his shirt. For once, he envied his brother's preference for robes.

Fenris's thumbs were torturous against Artie's hipbones, torturous in the best sort of way. Fenris bent to steal a kiss from his mage, with the barest sting of teeth against Artie's lower lip, before pressing Artemis back until he laid flat again.

Artemis groaned and let his head fall back, baring the long line of his neck. "I'm showing remarkable restraint, I hope you've noticed," he said, wrapping his hands back around the grips.

"Are you?" Cormac teased, leaning down to press his face to the juncture of Artie's neck and shoulder. "Perhaps you are. What is it you want so very much that you have to restrain yourself, hm?" He licked and kissed, feeling his brother's pulse against his lips. "Would it be easier if we did the restraining for you? If we just tied you down — I'm assuming that's what those rings are for — and took our pleasure with your flesh?"

Fenris took a few breaths, reminding himself that this was what Artemis had wanted. It wasn't that he wasn't used to it so much as that he just wasn't used to hearing it out of Cormac. Broad-shouldered, bearded mage— he pushed those thoughts aside and dragged his blunt nails down the inside of Artemis's thighs. "I'd like to see how long he can restrain himself," he said with a teasing smile. "Why make it easier?"

"When we can just make him harder, instead?" Cormac laughed and licked a line down the centre of Artie's chest.

Artemis turned pleading eyes on Fenris, then on Cormac. He was hesitant to ask for it, at least from Cormac, even though his brother clearly knew exactly what this piece of furniture was for and exactly what he wanted. "Well, if it's harder you want me…" he said, flexing his fingers around the handles in an obvious suggestion.

"Yes?" purred Fenris, glowing fingertips still making Artie shiver. "Are you going to finish that thought, Amatus?" It was easier, he thought, when Artemis asked for things, especially things of this nature.

Heat rushed to Artemis's cheeks as he looked down his chest at Fenris, not quite scowling.

"I'm terribly curious what you're going to suggest." Cormac ran with it. He'd do anything Artemis asked, but asking was the important part. "You know how much I love to hear what turns you on." He leaned down and kissed his brother, upside down, before realising that Artemis's nose was very likely the worst place for his beard. "Tell us what you want, and we'll see what we can do."

"We're not mind-readers," Fenris teased, reaching up to drag a glowing finger back and forth along Artemis's ribs.

Cormac stepped a bit closer, putting his crotch at about eye-height, the way Artemis was bent back, and idly toyed with the nipple on the other side of Artie's chest. "You know I love to make you happy, but I have to know what you want, first. Your older brother is a little slow to pick up the hints, sometimes."

Artemis clacked his teeth in front of Cormac's crotch, knowing that anyone else would back away from that. But not Cormac. "Oh, my older brother knows exactly what I'm hinting at," Artie said. "He's just being a terrible tease."

Fenris chuffed. "I suspect that runs in the family. The Hawkes, a family of teases." He traced the curve of Artie's ribs one by one just to feel him shudder. "And that didn't sound like an answer, Amatus."

A growl turned into a whine in the back of Artie's throat. He stared at Cormac's crotch, at where Cormac's robes tented just in front of Artie's face. It would be easier, he thought, to just ask Cormac's knob for what he wanted.

"I want you to tie me down," Artemis said, need winning out over embarrassment. "Tight enough that I can't move. And then I want you to use me, in any way you like." He strained against the belt just thinking about it.

"Promise me your aim is good enough to throw me, if I hurt you," Cormac said, crouching down to look his brother in the eyes. "That's all I need to know. Don't worry about what I hit, if you do, just worry about you."

Artie rolled his eyes, but his smile was soft. "You have shields. I wouldn't worry anyway. And neither should you, brother-dear."

"I will always worry about you." Cormac cupped his brother's cheek and kissed him, gently. "Still," he said, standing, looking down at Artemis, "I'm going to bind your wrists and fuck your lovely face. What do you think, Fenris, would he be even prettier dripping white?"

"Only if the drips are mine," Fenris growled, nodding at Cormac.

"Well, you'll just have to add to the work, then, won't you? A piece of art isn't made with only one shade of paint." Cormac grinned and glanced around, looking for something to tie Artemis down.

Fenris opened a hidden compartment in the base of the piece of furniture and offered two leather cuffs and some light rope. After a moment of squinting, he swapped one of the cuffs for a different, slightly smaller one. "Antivan silk ropes," he said. "You could tie a Qunari, and it wouldn't be the rope that broke."

Cormac laughed and took the offered tools, kneeling to begin the process. "Magic. There's always a way out." He watched Artemis's face, as he buckled the cuffs on. "You know, those trousers should probably go," he called to Fenris. "I don't think my brother will be thrilled with us if we get anything on them."

"Your brother thinks you're right," Artemis said, watching Cormac's hands until they disappeared at the edge of his vision. "The less pants involved, the better, really."

"Well, Cormac at least came prepared for that," Fenris replied archly, tracing a finger down Artemis's stomach and toying with the waistband before finally reaching for the laces. Artemis squirmed underneath him, hips tilted invitingly as Fenris took his time working the trousers down his legs, revealing miles of skin he knew every inch of.

Fenris took a moment to fold the pants neatly for Artemis's sake before setting them on the ground and out of the way.

"Pull a bit," Cormac suggested, checking the tension of the ropes. "I think you're stuck right here, until we let you go," he said, with a smile, nipping the end of Artemis's nose playfully. "And I think you're going to be shamelessly pleading for us to fuck you, by the time we bother to untie you." The thought sent cold darts down Cormac's spine, but he knew how this worked. He could at least say the words, put those wicked images in Artie's head. Whether he could actually handle doing that to his beloved brother remained to be seen.

He hiked his robes as he stood, baring his knob, to stroke it against the side of Artemis's face, while Fenris sorted out the ankle cuffs. "Is this what you want?" he asked.

Artemis answered by turning his head, licking his lips before wrapping them around the head of Cormac's knob, letting his eagerness speak for him. The angle was a bit awkward, but he hummed at the taste of his brother on his tongue. Maker, he would never get sick of this, the same way he'd never get sick of Fenris's hands on any part of his body.

"How's that, Amatus?" Fenris asked, hands running up Artie's calves, the back of his knees, and holding his thighs apart.

Artemis tugged at his restraints and found he could barely move. The realisation was a thrill up his spine, and Artie hummed his approval around his brother.

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