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Title: Rhapsody In Ass Major – Chapter 127
Co-Conspirator: TumblrMaverikLoki
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Artemis Hawke , Fenris , Theron Mahariel , Kallian Tabris
Rating: E (L2 N4 S4 V0 D1)
Warnings: The internet is for porn, breathplay
Notes: A particular enjoyment of elven culture, part the first.

Theron lifted his leg and set his foot on the edge of the table, turning it and forcing it out of the way, before he pulled the pillow out from behind Artemis and tossed it onto the floor. The kiss broke and Theron's eyes lingered on Artie's for a long, amazed moment. He'd waited so long for this. Gave up hope of it happening again, after the last time they'd seen each other — Fenris had seemed so unwilling to share, then.

"Show me how much you missed me," he purred, slinging Artemis off the couch, to land with his neck on the pillow. Almost right. Close enough. His reflexes were a little less fantastic, the more he had to drink. He leaned down to pull off his boots, setting them next to the couch. "Show me, Artemis."

"Is this what you like, too?" Fenris asked Kalli, honestly curious.

"Not really. He's not like this with me. He's got a good sense of what he wants and what his lovers want. But, I think he only gets really rough with shem men." Kalli cuddled closer and took a long drink. "You can touch me, you know. This isn't just about them." She paused. "Unless you're… Oh, the wolf take my boots, I should have asked. You're not only interested in men, are you?"

Fenris's ears twitched. Before Artemis, there had been no interest in anyone. And after — during — Artemis, there had been Tallis, but he so rarely thought of her. "I find… women just as interesting," he said, and Kalli certainly was an attractive woman, all dark hair and fair skin, lithe body pressed to his. Hesitantly, he wrapped an arm around her waist, which was more comfortable than keeping it twisted away from her. Over her shoulder, he continued to watch Artemis, who was by then shirtless and in the process of shimmying out of his trousers.

"I guess you did miss me," Theron purred, eyeing the state of his knob,

"Well, you wanted me to show you," Artemis said, gesturing at his crotch with a crooked smile.

"I did," Theron agreed, running a hand up one lean thigh, up Artie's stomach, his chest, before grabbing him, flipping him onto his stomach. "And now I want you to tell me," he growled in Artemis's ear, pausing to nip at its strange, round little shell.

"Theron," Artemis breathed. "I want you. Please."

"You're so pretty when you beg me for more," Theron growled, untying his belt with one hand. "I must have fucked half the shem in Ferelden looking for one who could shake the earth, like you, for one who looked so hot and sweet begging to be choked out." He folded the belt and dragged the leather over Artemis's skin, before finally rubbing it against the side of his neck. "But, I learned so much. You set me seeking, and I'm bringing back what I found."

"He really has been waiting all this time, hasn't he?" Fenris's eyebrow arced up in surprise.

"You have no idea," Kalli muttered, finishing her drink and setting the glass on the table.

Theron slipped the belt around Artemis's neck, tying it carefully, with enough room that he could easily wrap his hand around the knot without meeting skin. "Do you remember when I met you in the woods, so we wouldn't distract the circle, and I pinned you to the wall of that ruin, so your feet didn't touch the ground, and just took you until I couldn't stand? I still dream about that," he murmured, slowly peeling his clothes off. "I was so sure we were both going to get killed, you for being a shem and me for being inside you."

"Maker, Theron," Artemis groaned, watching Theron strip over his shoulder, taking in this new body, its new shape, as each bit of skin was revealed. "I do remember that. I…" That had inspired a few dreams of his own and a few other earthquakes, deep in the woods. He'd been able to feel Theron for days, not just inside him but around his throat. He'd had to wear high collars in the heat of summer to hide the marks, but he hadn't minded.

Theron bent to tug on Artie's makeshift collar, pulling him up onto his hands and knees, holding him there with the collar just digging into his throat. "Is this how you want it?" he purred. "On your knees for me?"

"Maker, yes," Artie breathed.

"You know," said Kalli, squirming back against Fenris and eyeing Artemis's nude form appreciatively, "he's right. His ass does look pillowy."

Fenris chuffed. "It is," he acknowledged. He glanced at the table and frowned. "Though I think we might want to put the glassware away before any earthquakes happen."

Kalli's eyebrows arced. She wondered if there might be some truth to this earthquake nonsense, if Artie's fiancé wanted to take such precautions.

Fenris cocked his head, towards the cabinet behind the couch. "Cabinet, over there," he said. "It should keep them from rattling too much."

She couldn't figure out if he was quite serious, or just pulling her leg, but Kalli got up to put the glassware away. She was sure Fenris would have done it himself, if he hadn't been under her.

"You know," Kalli said, returning to the couch. "There's no one else on the couch any more. We could just take up all of it."

"It is a very large couch, and neither of us is very tall," Fenris teased, a hint of a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

"We'll just have to try harder," Kalli declared, vaulting the back of the couch and landing shoulders and heels first, dropping her head into Fenris's lap. "Hm. No. Other way. View's better from that end."

As the elves on the couch struggled to occupy it correctly, Theron's hands wandered over Artemis's body, tracing the subtle lines of muscle.

"We're not who we were," Theron said, remembering how Artemis had looked beneath him, almost twenty years earlier. "We're older, now. We're better, now."

Two fingers went into his mouth with a wet sound that let Artemis know exactly what was happening, even if he couldn't turn his head. Soon, those fingers slipped between the cheeks of that pillowy ass, and Theron tapped one against the hole. "So, mage, since that's what you are, do you have any other magical pleasures to offer? Not to say the earthquakes aren't amazing, but…" He shoved both fingers in, twisted his wrist, and curled the tips down.

A harsh breath shivered out of Artemis, fingers curling into the rug. All this time, and Theron still knew what he liked, and the way those fingers moved made it impossible to focus on the question. "I have… a few tricks," he breathed, a sly smile curling his lips.

"He does," Fenris agreed. "His electricity is a favourite of mine."

Artemis looked back at him on the couch, throwing him a knowing smirk.

"Electricity, hm?" Theron's fingers continued to tease him almost mercilessly. Artemis nodded and hummed, not bothering with words. Reaching behind him, he gathered some sparks to the tips of his fingers and pressed them to Theron's wrist. The jolt trembled back through him along Theron's fingers, and Artemis sucked in a gasp.

"Oh," Theron breathed, back straightening. "Well, now that is interesting."

"Mages," Fenris purred, smug satisfaction on his face. "I never understood, until I got one of my very own."

"I'd have thought you—" Kalli started, but Fenris cut her off.

"Don't finish that sentence," he warned, wrapping an arm around Kalli's waist again, as he stretched out behind her. "My mage is without trousers. It is not the time for politics."

Letting go of the belt, for a moment, Theron picked through the pouch that had been on his belt, coming up with a small metal tin of salve. He drummed his fingers against Artemis's insides, before drawing them out, only to push them right back in, this time with an enormous amount of salve on them. His fingers curled and stroked, working it in.

"Here, turn with me," Theron said, putting the salve aside and taking Artemis by the collar again, pulling gently to the side. "Let's give them a good view of just how much you love it, when I take you."

Artemis looked up at the couch as he turned, cheeks burning at the scrutiny even as his knob enjoyed the attention. He offered the pair on the couch a jaunty smile.

"Your shem really is very pretty," Kalli said, shimmying back against Fenris until her back was flush with his chest and she could feel every hard line of his body. Especially one hard line in particular.

"He is," Fenris agreed, watching as Theron knelt behind his mage, lining himself up.

Theron entered Artie in one hard thrust, rocking him forward and wringing a strangled sound from his throat. An appreciative sound hummed in the back of Theron's throat as Artemis adjusted around him. "After all this time," he sighed, "I can't believe I'm back inside you." He ground in hard as though to reassure them both that he was.

Theron took hold of the collar again, tugging just enough for Artie to feel the pressure, tugging just a little harder each time his hips ground forward. "You love that they're watching us, don't you," he breathed, remembering how much Artie had liked dirty talk, and remembering a little something else, as well. "That time when you moaned like you meant it, and I hushed you. Told you if you weren't quiet, your brother was going to hear us. Must've been the first time, because we were in the aravel. Close enough that someone probably would hear us, if we didn't keep it down. And you arched under me, when I said it, biting at your lip. I didn't get it then, but you wanted someone watching, didn't you? Wanted someone to watch my hand tighten around your neck while you writhed under me, desperate to be fucked."

He took a tighter hold on the collar and shifted his knees out a bit, rolling his hips one last time before he slid out and slammed in again. "Do you still like it hard and fast?" Theron slammed in, a few more times, letting his thrusts jar Artemis against the collar. "Like you used to beg for it, when I'd slow down and tease you?"

And then he did slow down, just rocking his hips in tiny, quick, powerless thrusts, just barely enough to serve as a reminder that he was buried deep inside Artemis.

Fenris listened, matching the words and the tone to the look on Artie's face. Eventually, he'd learn how to talk to his mage, in bed, and right now there was someone doing a very good job of it, close enough that he could hear every word, and he meant to take a lesson from that. His hand squeezed distractedly at Kalli's hip, the flesh in his hand reminding him how it felt to take Artemis as Theron had him, now.

"You're still a tease," Artemis breathed, hips canting back into Theron, encouraging him to pick up the pace again. "You know how I want it. You know I can take it."

"Oh, I remember," Theron said, fingers flexing against Artie's collar. "But I want you to ask for it. Though I love the little noises you make when you're trying to hide how badly you want it."

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