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Title: Rhapsody In Ass Major – Chapter 86
Co-Conspirator: TumblrMaverikLoki
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Artemis Hawke , Fenris
Rating: E (L2 N4 S4 V0 D0)
Warnings: The internet is for porn, Fenris is pretty flexible
Notes: Artemis has a brand new toy or, well, a slightly used one. Fenris is willing to try again, in light of their engagement.

It was late. Not late for Fenris, really, but late for anyone who slept normal human hours. Which, clearly the Hawkes didn't, given how long that supper had gone on. Finally, he'd been able to take Artemis home, amid a whirlwind of off-colour comments from a multitude of siblings and that asshole, Anders. They'd held hands across Hightown, and Fenris finally started to believe there might be something to this freedom thing. He had control of property, kept servants, and now he was going to marry the man he loved. None of these were things he could have dreamt, even a year ago.

With a ghost of a smile, he closed the door behind them, and swept Artemis off his feet, to carry him up the stairs.

Artemis squeaked at the change in elevation, wrapping his arms around Fenris's neck with a laugh. "My knight in tight leather armour," he teased. He ran his tongue up the shell of Fenris's ear and nibbled at the tip, wondering if he could get it twitching again as they entered the bedroom. "So, how would you like to celebrate?" he purred against that ear.

"I thought, perhaps, my bride to be might like to teach me some more of his wonderful and terrifying bedroom skills." Fenris laid Artemis gently on the bed and settled, kneeling, over his hips. "Those were some very interesting things I watched you get up to with Cormac. Even Anders was surprised." He licked and nibbled at the side of Artemis's neck. "Or maybe you've found some new toys to torment me with? Did you ever find something that wasn't extra large?"

Artemis supposed it was a moot point to argue over being called Fenris's 'bride'. He arched his neck into Fenris's lips and all but purred at the attention. "Ah! That's right!" Artemis grinned, nudging Fenris back so he could sit upright. He'd been worried Fenris wouldn't want to try again after that last disaster, and he hadn't forced the issue.

Stretching so he wouldn't have to displace Fenris, Artemis reached about in the end table drawer for the package Cormac had sent him. It was still unopened. Orana had been in the room when he'd stashed it, he thought it best not to traumatise the poor girl further.

"Let's see what we have…" Artie opened the package and peered inside. He saw familiar black and white marble and felt his cheeks heat. "Oh. Uh."

"Did you get the wrong one?" Fenris asked. "Is it too big, still? If it's too big, you could just… use…" He paused, awkwardly. "I wouldn't mind if you put yourself inside me, instead."

Actually, that might not have been the entire truth, but it was close enough, he figured. He had no idea if he'd mind it, but it had to be less terrible than the extra large green dildo of ass-destruction. "Your fingers were the first thing I've had inside me like that, and if they felt good…"

And that was another tempting thought, really, and not one Artemis had thought Fenris would have. "The, uh, size is fine, I believe," he said, drawing out the dildo and holding it up for Fenris to see. "I'm assuming. More… proportional." And it was, really. Maybe this was something else he'd just have to not tell Fenris. Couldn't be worse than the jade one, anyway.

Artie set aside the package. "What do you think?"

Fenris thought it looked huge. Smaller than the last one, certainly, but in terms of things that might be inserted into very small openings in his anatomy, still terrifyingly large. He supposed he'd have the same thought about Artemis's knob, if it came to that. He swallowed and blinked, ears twitching. "I think… I trust you. You know far better than I. I've never… Until I met you…" Fenris tugged at the tip of one ear, trying to get it to stop twitching.

Something about Fenris's phrasing nagged at Artemis. He already knew that Fenris had never been on the, uh, 'receiving end' of this sort of thing, but the 'until I met you' implied something else. Oh Maker.

Artie set aside the toy for the moment and reached up to pull Fenris's hand away from his ear. "You never what?" he asked, twining their fingers together, "Never met someone as devilishly handsome as me?"

Fenris smiled, warmly. "Certainly never that. I don't know that I had even thought of anyone as handsome or beautiful — as anything other than useful, useless, or dangerous — until you. You changed everything I thought I knew about the world. And you did it by grabbing my ass." He poked Artemis in the nose, with his other hand. "There was no one before you. And even if there's someone after — during — you, I want you with me, always. I'm repeating myself, aren't I. I already said that with a goat, this afternoon."

That startled a cringing laugh out of Artemis. "I shall strive to use my ass-grabbing powers wisely, then, if they're going to have that kind of effect." He ran his thumb over the back of Fenris's hand, then brought their tangled hands up to kiss Fenris's knuckles. "Maker," he breathed, "are you saying that that time in the Deep Roads was your first?" Drunken sex on hard stone, darkspawn within shouting distance, and surrounded by Cormac's screams of pleasure. Not the way anyone's first time should go. "And the second was in the wine cellar?"

Artemis ran his free hand over his face and groaned. "Oh, Fen. I had no idea. You deserved better than that." And somehow the foolish elf was still with him. Probably because he had little to compare all this to and didn't know better.

"I have no regrets. Don't look so …" Fenris realised he had no idea what the word was that went there. Sad? Upset? It wasn't quite either. "Don't regret it for me. Every time I touch you is better than the time before it. And every time, I think I've finally found the best — well, except with… extra large — but, it just keeps getting better. It's probably best we started drunk and reckless. I'd never have believed it was real, otherwise. Would have found a way to blame it on blood magic." Shifting, Fenris stretched himself out along Artemis's body, propping himself up with an elbow on the bed, hand resting on Artemis's shoulder. "I'm free. Mostly free. At least until Danarius makes a more effective attempt. If this had gone any faster, I don't think I would have known that. I would have mistaken this for a different kind of slavery — you saw me make that mistake, anyway. But, you taught me how to enjoy something other than killing, drinking, and sleeping an entire night. Please don't regret that, Artemis."

Artemis didn't point out that the dildo was now trapped in a fold of blanket between the two of them. "What did I do to deserve you, hmm?" he asked, cupping Fenris's cheek, thumb smoothing over a fine cheekbone. "And I suppose I can't regret anything that led us here. Not even that accursed maid's outfit, though don't expect to hear that twice." He shimmied closer and pressed a kiss to Fenris's lips. "I love you, you know. You and your whole goat-bearing self."

Artie wondered what his mother had decided to do with the goat and fought not to laugh.

Fenris smiled against Artemis's lips, mid-kiss. "That maid's outfit wasn't such a terrible idea," he argued. "Not when it ended in you making such lovely noises for me. One of these days, you'll have to show me how to get you to make those sounds when you're not in a scratchy dress." More kissing followed. Thorough, lengthy, completist kissing, touching tongues to everywhere tongues should go in a kiss. "Do you know how afraid I was that I would break you? How afraid I was that I would become a monster? But, you didn't break. And I— I don't know what I am, but you seem to like it."

"Not so fragile as that, Fen," Artemis gently admonished. "If you ever did — or do — anything that makes me uncomfortable, I would let you know. Trust me on that. Barring that, I would just force push you into the wall." He frowned, pulling back just enough to look Fenris in the eyes. This close, he could see every variation of green in them. "That goes both ways, you know. If I do anything or want anything that makes you uncomfortable you… you would let me know, wouldn't you?"

"I have exceptional skill telling mages 'no'." Fenris grinned, and then stopped quickly. He still didn't quite feel right showing teeth in a non-threatening manner. "And because I am telling my mage 'yes', where did you lose that thing you mean to put inside me?" He leaned down and kissed Artemis one more time. "You should find it, before I lose my nerve."

"I think I might be lying on it, actually." The stone dug into Artemis's ribs, and he squirmed and shifted until he could get it out from under him. "Tada!" He brandished it in the air in victory, then booped Fenris on the nose with it just to see what kind of face he'd make.

Fenris blinked, looking a bit like he might faint, and then let out a quiet chuckle, before rolling over, next to Artemis. "No, you may not put it in my nose. See? I can tell you no." He pulled up one of his legs and unwrapped his foot. "But, let's go back to the part where I was telling you yes."

Artemis's shoulders shook with suppressed laughter. Now there was a mental image he wasn't going to be rid of. "I rather prefer when you're telling me yes," Artie agreed, "and when nothing phallic is near anyone's nostrils." He pressed another kiss to Fenris's lips, then rolled up and onto his knees, shuffling along the bed until he was kneeling between Fenris's thighs. He offered Fenris a wicked grin, sliding his hands along his elf's leather-clad thigh, his touch light at first, before squeezing at the taut muscle underneath. "Still a bit too clothed for this, I think," he said.

"You may be correct," Fenris admitted, untying the complicated knots on his trousers with an ease Artemis had yet to match. Rolling up onto his shoulders, he lowered himself out of the tight leather, with just a little shimmying. His legs landed, once again, to either side of Artemis, and he sat up to steal another kiss as he tossed the trousers off the bed, peeling off his shirt before he lay back down.

"Better?" Fenris asked, rubbing his heel along Artemis's back.

"Much," Artemis purred, hands returning to Fenris's thighs, focusing now on the tingle of lyrium under his palms. "In fact, I find most things are improved by you being naked." He took a moment to just appreciate the sight. No matter how many times he saw it, Fenris's body was a glorious thing.

Artie bent to kiss that taut stomach, to trace the sharp point of one hip with his tongue, while his hands moved to the inside of Fenris's thighs.

Fenris writhed under that touch, fearless and shameless. This was his to enjoy. This was his mage, tasting him, touching him, and there was no one to tell him he couldn't have it. "Strangely," he panted, "that is one thing upon which you and Danarius agree. I frequently improved situations by being naked, or nearly so. Nothing more terrifying than a fearless, naked bodyguard, I suppose."

Brushing that thought aside, he kneaded Artemis's back with his toes, clutching in what he hoped was an encouraging manner. He'd never been appreciated like this. Or maybe he had. The black spots in his memory never did fill back in… Either way, he didn't remember anything of the sort, so he chose to believe Artemis was the first. Certainly the first that he would remember. The first that would never be taken from him.

Artemis stilled for a moment, before picking up his ministrations with renewed enthusiasm, hoping Fenris wouldn't notice. Being compared to Danarius in any capacity made his stomach roil. "'Terrifying' isn't the word I would use," Artemis murmured against lyrium-lined skin. "Which isn't to imply that you can't be. Terrifying, that is. But… do you have any idea how gorgeous you are, Fen?"

Especially like this, writhing and wanting. Artie hooked his hands under Fenris's knees and hiked his legs up further, bending to kiss and nip at the inside of one thigh, then the other, then licking a broad stripe up the crease of his elf's ass.

Fenris choked on his tongue. That? He could suddenly understand why Artemis wanted it. Could even understand why Cormac had needed to do the asking, but that was much easier to comprehend, considering the number of things he, himself, couldn't seem to ask for. Still, the brothers managed to communicate with each other, given what he'd seen…

There had been a question. He was sure there had been a question, but then there was licking of parts he'd never thought he'd want licked, and he was much, much too involved in the feeling of tongue. What had he been asked? … Oh. "Am I? Perhaps, but not like you."

Artemis grinned against heated skin. He pressed his tongue into Fenris as deep as it would go just to hear him make that choked sound again. He pulled back, licking his lips, to say, "You think so? Let's put you in a corset next time so we can compare."

Artie bent to give Fenris's ass one last teasing lick before getting up to fetch the oil, rummaging again through the nightstand.

"I don't know that corsetry would do me any mercies," Fenris panted, still reeling from the presence and sudden absence of tongue. "I am already decorated. It would need to be cut not to clash. Otherwise, I would simply look the fool. And that mint would not work on me nearly the way it does on you." His knob twitched in agreement as he remembered watching Artemis in that corset. And that brought back the image of Cormac. He still couldn't figure out how his beautiful mage had such a thick and unappealing brother. Well, unappealing to him, anyway. Maybe that was another mage thing. Still didn't account for Isabela, but there was no accounting for Isabela.

"I think you left it behind your jade monstrosity, after the last time," he said, after a moment listening to the clattering in the drawer.

"'The jade monstrosity'," Artemis said, smirking, as he found the oil right where Fenris had instructed. "Is that what we're calling it now?" Maker, Anders would have a field day.

Armed with oil, Artemis returned to the bed, kneeling again between Fenris's thighs, right where the sheets were still dented in the shape of his knees. He poured the oil into his hand, gathering it in his fingers. "I was calling it the 'magic staff', myself," he said, grinning at Fenris as he circled Fenris's hole with one slick fingertip.

"Mages," Fenris huffed, canting his hips up in invitation. He could play at hopeless offence, even as he invited his mage to enjoy him. That was how this was done, wasn't it? He remembered how much Artemis liked being spoken to, and he wondered if that carried to when he was the one doing the touching and taking. But, thinking of that time with Cormac on the table, it probably did. Pity he, himself, was terrible at it.

"Your fingers," he choked out. "Put your fingers inside me. I— I like it. I like it when you touch me there. Like that." He sounded ridiculous. This was a horrible idea.

"Good," Artemis purred. "Because I like the sounds you make when I do it." He corked the bottle as best he could with one hand and set it aside, the slick fingers of his other hand still teasing Fenris. He pressed in, one finger at a time, moving slowly and watching Fenris's face for any signs he wasn't enjoying this. Artie's experience doing this for someone else was limited, but he knew what movements he enjoyed and tried to replicate that as best he could.

Fenris groaned, head tipping back, as Artemis stroked his insides. This was something he'd never imagined, not for himself, until Artemis had tried to teach him about the jade monstrosity. He hadn't liked that, but this… This was amazing. "Please," he begged. "There…" He wished there was a way he could be inside Artemis at the same time, but he wasn't sure either of them were quite flexible enough for that. Reaching wasn't the problem, but the angle probably would be. But, what a dream… those long fingers rubbing at that delicious spot inside him as he pounded into this beautiful mage. He clenched around the fingers and writhed.

And that, Artemis decided, was extremely encouraging. Much better than the sour faces Fenris had been making the last time Artie had tried using a toy on him. He only hoped Fenris would keep making those noises and those faces once this… other toy was brought into the mix.

"Here?" Artie murmured, stroking his fingertips over that spot inside Fenris that had him squirming. He kissed Fenris's hip and asked, "Ready for more?"

"I want to be inside you," Fenris begged. "I want to be inside you with your fingers in me. I want you on me and in me at the same time. I want—" He bucked, thighs tensing, at the thought. "Yes. This first. Put—" He stopped and licked his lips, eyes closing. "Put it in me."

Artemis bit back a groan at those images. "Maker, you kill me," he said affectionately. He smoothed his free hand over Fenris's stomach as he pulled his fingers free, carefully. "Definitely gorgeous, by the way," he went on as he slicked up the toy. "If you could see yourself right now, you'd agree."

And to think that this man, this elf, was his and wanted to be his for the rest of their lives. Artie still hadn't wrapped his head around it. He pressed the tip of the dildo against Fenris's entrance, smiling at him encouragingly and still watching for his reactions.

"I would likely not. Consider it a second reason we have no mirror in this room." Fenris had spent enough time naked, sweating, and pleading in his life, and while this was definitely the good kind, he could do without being reminded. "Put it— just— slow? Slowly. I want to enjoy this. You like it so much…"

He pushed his hips back, pressing against the black dildo, which was so much smaller than the green one. Perhaps this one would be better. Perhaps this one would feel as good as Artemis's fingers, which would be incredible, because he wasn't sure anything could feel that good inside him. His hands clutched at the sheets.

"Anything you want, Fen," Artemis murmured, his free hand tracing lyrium lines along one thigh. "If you need to stop, just tell me." He wanted Fenris to enjoy this too but not to feel like he had to enjoy this. Artie slid the toy in agonisingly slowly, carefully. Even after all that attention, his elf was still on the tight side. No wonder the 'jade monstrosity' hadn't been comfortable.

Fenris saw stars. Not in a bad way, but not in a particularly good way, either. If nothing else, the sensation was intense. He'd give it a minute or two. Maybe he just had to relax into it, like the first time Artemis had put a finger into him. It definitely wasn't too big, this time. He was reasonably sure of that. It was just slightly cold and very, very hard. He clenched and relaxed around it a couple of times, trying to get a feel for the thing, as it slid in. At the very least, it wasn't objectionable.

"It's not bad. I think I like your fingers more," he decided.

Artemis chuckled softly. "Give yourself a minute to adjust," he said. "But we can always go back to that after, if you like." Anything to make Fenris squirm like that again. Artemis waited for Fenris to relax, licking a strip up his knob to distract him.

Once Fenris was ready, Artemis started to move the toy, just grinding it inside of him for a little while before trying out a few shallow thrusts. "All right?" he asked.

"Yes, but not thrilling." Fenris shrugged, the sheets bunching around his shoulders. "I have no doubt you could… I would… But, it wouldn't be very good." He could definitely feel where it was supposed to be good, this time, especially since he had Artemis's fingers to compare to. He could tell why it would work. But, there were other things he liked much more. "I would do it for you, but I would not do it for myself. I have no objection to it, but I don't find myself drawn to it. Not like your hands. So precise, so delicate…"

Artemis hummed, considering that as he continued to move the toy, angling for that spot Fenris had liked, just to see if that would affect his opinion. "Fair enough," he said. "We'll save the toys for me, shall we?" He waggled his eyebrows at Fenris. "Would you like to go back to my fingers? You certainly seemed to enjoy that." And Artie decided that was rather flattering. His fingers over… his brother's knob. Right. Maybe this was a good thing after all. "Just please don't describe them as 'delicate'. My sister teases me as it is."

"Mmm, I meant the way you touch me with them." Fenris parted his legs a little further. "I — yes. I would like very much to go back to your fingers. But… Is there, do you think, a way for me to be inside you, while you do that? Terribly greedy of me to even ask, but I am a free man, and I think asking is one of the benefits of that, is it not?" Fenris's ears twitched, and one of his fingers scratched at the sheet. "I'm not sure how to make it work, or if it would be good for you, but I'm willing to try strange things, until we either both enjoy it or fail hilariously and fall out of bed."

Chuckling, Artemis pulled the toy back out, still moving much more carefully than he would be with himself. "We won't be able to blame the silk sheets for it this time," he said. He had entertained the thought of sex on those sheets when he'd put them on, only to decide that was how limbs ended up broken. "And if you're being terribly greedy, well. You'll just have to make it up to me later, won't you?" Artemis winked, grinning in a way that said he didn't mind this idea in the least.

As for how to make it happen… Artemis tilted his head and considered. "I might know a way," he said. "Wouldn't hurt to try, at least." Well. He hoped there would be no hurting involved. He'd had enough sex injuries to last him through the year, thank you.

Artemis got up from the bed long enough to disrobe, kicking his trousers to the far corner of the room.

"Oh, I'll make it up to you. I'll make it up to you, even if this is amazing." Fenris laughed and moved up on the bed, getting his head onto a pillow. "What weird and magical things are you thinking, mage? Am I going to need to stand on one foot and stretch the other up the bedpost?" He actually could do that. It had been a while, but he was relatively certain he could still get his legs stretched straight out and put his ass below the level of his ankles, without dislocating anything. Part of his training. He was something of an elven pretzel, which might come in handy for fun things, now, instead of just deadly things.

"Something, I hope, that won't result in any vigorous encounters with abrasive surfaces?" He thought about that, for a moment. "Or dangerously mage-waxed floors…"

"Let us not talk about abrasive surfaces," Artemis groaned, cringing. "My knob still hasn't recovered. As for stretching up the bedpost, that… would not help, no, but now I would really like to see that." Fenris couldn't actually be that flexible… could he? Maker. They'd have to test that later.

"Just lie back," Artemis said, picking up the bottle of oil again. "Maybe bend your knees a little. Now I do the rest." He slicked up Fenris's still-interested knob and straddled his hips. Backwards. Less of a view for him, but it should get the job done.

"Not much of a view for you, is it? But, you like this angle. Or something like this angle. And I suppose you've never complained about the view, before, even when it's been just the sheets." Fenris took a moment to study the idea, to turn it over in his head. "Wait. I think I can make this better. Not the view, but the angle. The force, anyway."

He twisted, folding his legs up under himself, until his ass was propped on his heels. "Leverage. Can't leave you doing all the work. What kind of man would I be?" he joked.

"Elves," Artemis huffed in a parody of Fenris's 'mages'. He tossed Fenris a grin over his shoulder as he lined up Fenris's knob with his ass. He sank down onto his elf with practised ease, head falling back and a sigh leaving his lips. "Now let's see if this works…" He reached between Fenris's legs, below where they were joined and pressed his fingers into Fenris's still slick entrance.

The noises Fenris made were incoherent sounds of pleasure, choked and garbled as he tried to remember what words were, never mind how to say them. He wondered if he and Artemis would ever be able to top this one. This, he thought, might actually be the pinnacle of sexual excellence. That night in the Deep Roads, he wouldn't have been able to handle this at all  — still too tense, not over the idea of being with a mage — but, now? This was the best thing they'd managed, yet. He grabbed Artemis's hips and pulled down, grinding up into him, clenching around the fingers inside him.

"Yes," he finally managed.

Artie gasped, pressing back down against Fenris. "I think we have a winner," he said breathlessly, steadying himself with his free hand on Fenris's thigh. After some trial and error, he found a rhythm in counterpoint to Fenris, hips grinding down as his fingers pressed in. Artemis curled his fingers, trying to find that spot, that angle that Fenris had liked.

After a few tries, Fenris bucked and arched. "Please! That… there… yes!"

He writhed, desperately, between his mage's fingers and ass, trying to determine how to get more of everything at once. Finally, he tilted his heels out to give his hips room to move without bruising his ass, and rolled his hips a few times to judge the angle, before he thrust up into Artemis, setting a jarring rhythm, with a bit of a twist at the end.

Artemis's grip tightened on Fenris's thigh. "Ah! Fen!" His fingers stilled a moment as he adjusted to this pace, and then he was pressing in again, determined to wring more of those desperate sounds from his elf. "Maker," he swore. "Is this what you wanted, hmm?" He wished he could see the look on Fenris's face.

"Yes," Fenris groaned, knowing his toes would curl if he wasn't resting his weight on them. "Yes, yes, more!"

Pounding up into Artemis, he found himself adjusting, subtly, for shifts in the bed, shifts in where his mage landed against his hips, tiny little changes that would no doubt make this less pleasant, if he weren't correcting for them. It amused him to realise his combat reflexes were good for other things, but that thought disintegrated almost as quickly as it had appeared, chased out to make room for more incoherent sounds of desire. This was what he wanted. This was what he had always wanted and never known. If he died tomorrow — if he died right in that moment — he could die happy, knowing he had acheived the profoundest pleasure the world had to offer. And more than that, he had taken it with a mage, with his mage — his mage to whom he had just proposed, and with whom he would get to spend the rest of his life, however short that might be, taking and making pleasures like this.

Magic destroyed everything. He was ruined. And really, he couldn't find it in himself to be sorry about that at all.

Artemis had never heard Fenris make sounds like this before, and he figured he had to be doing something right. Considering their absurd beginnings — that time in the Deep Roads was Fenris's first time, Maker — Fenris deserved 'something right'. Preferably a few somethings, but Artie could only keep his wits together for so long when Fenris was thrusting up into him like that.

Then Fenris shifted a little, and he hit that spot that made Artemis's toes curl. "Fenris," he choked out, half a plea, half a curse, as his hips squirmed in Fenris's grip. He picked up the pace of his fingers in vengeance.

Fenris forgot everything but how to thrust. Nothing mattered but that. Nothing but the feel of pushing up into his mage, and slamming back down onto those long, slick fingers inside him. Nothing in his life had ever felt this good — not that he had much to compare to, but if there were better things than this, he hoped they'd wait a while, because he wasn't sure he could handle better than this. A raw sound leapt out of him, as his thighs began to tremble, still maintaining something close to the rhythm he'd been keeping, even as his body began to throw off any illusions of minding anything he was telling it to do. His hands tightened on Artemis's hips, and a flicker of concern passed through his mind — bruises — but the next crashing wave of pleasure washed it away. He'd remember, later. Later it would matter.

Artie could tell Fenris was close, could feel the thigh under his hand shaking. As for himself, Artemis thought he could come just from the sounds Fenris was making. "Come on, Fen," he panted, clenching his inner muscles around Fenris. "Come for me. I want you to." He ached to touch his own knob, but his hands were otherwise occupied.

"Earthquake?" Fenris choked out. He was so very close, but the walls weren't shaking. Artemis wasn't making those noises he loved to hear. He wasn't doing enough for his mage, but there was just enough difference between the two of them that he couldn't quite get a hand around Artemis's hips, into his lap. Not without sitting up, which wasn't going to work.

Wracked with pleasure, seeing sparks between his eyes and everything else, Fenris tried to compensate. One hand slid forward from Artie's hip, fingers just barely brushing against his knob. Almost… Fenris howled, desperately, sounds he'd never imagined making, but he refused to give in, if he couldn't take his mage over with him. He stretched, reached, twisted, hips still rocking and thrusting, as he leaned to the side, eventually getting into a position to wrap his fingers around the top of Artemis's knob, barely more than the head, but more than he'd been able to reach before.

Fenris's touch startled a shivery gasp out of Artie. Artemis had no idea how he was able to reach that, but he wasn't going to complain, not when he was so close. "Fen… I…" His fingers lost their rhythm inside of his elf. "Fuck, that's —" Another choked sound, and he shuddered. "Earthquake," he gasped, nodding. No sooner had Artemis spoken than the room started to rattle.

Fenris let himself stop thinking, again. This was how it was supposed to work. The position was a bit more awkward, but that was less of a problem than it might have been for anyone else. He was, after all, very flexible. His hips slammed up, again and again, Artemis's name and a variety of choked-off encouragements spilling from his mouth. His hands tightened, wringing Artemis's flesh. This. There had never been anything better than this, and his knob throbbed in agreement, as he emptied himself into his mage.

Artemis followed him over with a choked groan, back arching as he spilled over Fenris's hand. He sat there for a moment, catching his breath and waiting for the room to stop shaking. He drew out his fingers and twisted to grin at Fenris over his shoulder. "Well, that was fun," he said.

"Nngh," Fenris agreed, prying his fingers open and smoothing his hands over the sides of Artemis's thighs. "Mmm?" he inquired, sliding his hands up and tugging gently at Artemis's sides. His mage. He wanted to hold his mage. In fact, maybe he wouldn't get out of bed at all, tomorrow. Just spend the day wrapped around his mage, in this warm, sweaty tangle of sheets. His mage might object to the mess, after a few rounds, he supposed.

Artie slid off of Fenris and stretched out next to him, leaning in for another kiss, the slow, lazy, contented kind. And to think that this elf — his elf — had proposed to him. With a goat, sure, but still. And there was a thought. That was the first time a goat had led to celebratory sex, with him anyway, and thank the Maker for that.

Artemis thought of poor Bodhan and that lace-strewn goat and found himself pulling away from the kiss to smother a laugh against Fenris's chest.

Fenris made a small disconsolate noise. "What — what are you—?" He sighed, wrapping his arms around Artemis. "Fool mage. … Stay with me."

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