Dec 182013

Title: A Certain Liquidity (13/22)
Fandom: N/A
Frego , Mocker
M (L0 N3 S0 V1 D0)
Nude dudes, prehensile vines, melting shapeshifter
Notes: Observe Mocker's failure to be concerned. Annoyed? Yes. Concerned… not so much. I don't think Frego's quite realised what's happening, yet. Takes a bit for something like that to really sink in.

  2 Responses to “Series S: A Certain Liquidity (13/22)”

  1. In case anyone's wondering, I've switched post formats so it'll -stop- attaching the image to the post. Also using a URL shortener to make -sure- it won't attach images to the post. :| The bulk of my work would get me banned from FB if the image was displayed. Trust the ratings and warnings. That's why they're there.

  2. You've got some really original ideas in here. :)

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