Nov 252013

Title: The Colour of Blood
Fandom: Fear
Characters: The Colour of Blood
Rating: G (L0 N0 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: It's REALLY RED. May fuck up your colour sense for a bit.
Notes: Yes, strangely, I do know her hair should also be red, but I liked the way black looked, so I left it. She'll have red hair if I ever actually use her in anything. She needed to be next, because I know where she belongs. I just have to back up a couple of chapters to catch the scene. Obviously, more commission work before anything happens here. Yes, DJay, she's yours. Take her apart for me. Where else did I bitch it up?

  2 Responses to “The Colour of Blood”

  1. Oh wow, what an interesting portrayal. I don't think you mucked this up at all. It's not how I picture her, but The Colour of Blood is a character I don't give a single appearance to anyway. She's a shapeshifter, as she's just a vessel to be able to communicate with the other Fears who aren't also entire universes. As long as she's red, it works. It's probably a better idea to have her skin red too, as I have a tendency to picture every character as caucasian thanks to my privilege. I just make sure not to overtly write the skin colour to characters, though I have slipped up in the past.

    • See, and I always read her as red on red on red, so it's interesting that you parsed her as white, while writing her. Something about that all in red in a red room thing just… made her skin red for me. Made her… I dunno, made of blood. (Which, incidentally, she actually is, in this image. *grins* I made that skin texture out of a modified blood shader and a modified sweat shader. *laughs*)

      I always love hearing you go on, after I do a thing. It's like I've already got my eyes on, because I needed them to do the work, and then I get to borrow yours, see all the things I missed and the ones I couldn't have known.

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