Aug 142013

Title: The Unsurprising Shocking Conclusion
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh, Lost Souls
Characters: Yami Bakura , Twig , Zillah
Rating: E (L0 N4 S4 V0 D0)
Warnings: Machine for automated buggery in use. Glaringly obvious sexual acts. Bizarre magical-sparking machine-tentacles.
Notes: Last one for this set! Next set for y!GallerySargantas will involve faeries, tree spirits, and the prince of some desert land! But, that’s not happening until mid-October, because I have to finish the calendar before then, and I’ve only even sort of finished five images out of 12, so far. Also, if anyone’s going to the Fear Mythos panel at Kita-Kon, some of my Fear Mythos art might be in the slideshow.

[IMG] museum-B-04-01-fix.jpg