Jun 052013

Title: Test: City Street with 1950s Limo
Fandom:Β  Yu-Gi-Oh, Lost Souls
Characters: Amelda, Bakura, Molochai, Twig
Rating: G- (L0 N1 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: Anime boys in skimpy clothes, kneeling in the road
Notes: I've been working on the set for 3 & 4 in Series B. I think I'll be doing this set in reverse order, just to keep things interesting. y!GallerySargantas wanted a limousine in these shots, but the only limo I could lay hands to was this 1936 model, which is pretty posh, if a little anachronistic. (I have been corrected. It is a 1959 model, and there is some debate about whether it is a limo, since the model maker identifies it as one. It's definitely not stretch.) Retextured most of it with some awesome car paint shaders I had laying around. I probably need to re-do the interior, as well, before I do #3. I'm debating whether the scene is too light, but I've recently got some crit that I shoot too dark for print, so I might just keep these light, for now. It looks like I can shoot two figures at a time, on this set, before things start exploding, which is good to know before I start building a scene. *laughs* Also, Cilea for V4 converts really well to M4/H4 as demonstrated by the kneeling pair. I probably want to re-texture the metal parts, so they don't glow in the dark, but it looks pretty good, aside from that.

[IMG] museum-P03-test-02-fix.jpg?p=vt

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