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[Master Post – Glass]
Fandom: Viridian Legacy: Glass
Characters: Arkady, Severen
Rating: T (L2 N1 S1 V0 D0)
Warnings: Expletives, inadvertent groping by unconscious individuals, accidental injury
Notes: So, this would not leave me in peace. I finally beat it into sensibility, and now you get to see what happens when our protagonists get stuck in a room with only one bed.

"Mmm, Liz."

Severen woke up with a start, already taking stock of the situation, before he opened his eyes. He was on tour, so that wasn't supposed to smell like his bed. That part was ok. But, why were someone else's leg and arm draped across him?

And then he remembered. The hotel had screwed up the booking. Usually, they got two double rooms and a single. Somehow, they'd gotten booked into two singles and a double, instead. Back before Severen wasn't allowed to have his own room, this would have been solved by giving him a single and letting Betty and Arkady share the other one. Even when they were all staying in one room, those two got the bed, because they could share it without killing each other. Much. Without killing each other much.

But, now, he shared a room with Arkady. They all figured it would be a lot less weird than trying to stick Lir and Baron in the same bed, or Betty and anyone who wasn't Arkady. Or Severen and anyone who wasn't Arkady. At least Arkady was used to him waking up screaming. Not that it happened so much, any more, but every once in a while, he'd just lose it.

So, this left him sharing what was actually a pretty big bed, with Arkady, who was really pretty thin. Except now they were both all the way over on the edge of the bed, and Severen had Arkady for another blanket.

He was suddenly very glad there were no cameras.

"Arkady? Wake up." Severen elbowed his friend in the hip.

"Mmmf." Pulling Severen closer, Arkady made a few irritated noises and fell asleep again.

"Come on, Evan. Get off me." Severen twisted around, trying to get out of that iron grip. For someone so thin, Arkady had a lot of muscle to him, but the same could be said of any drummer.

Nothing changed, and for a few seconds, Severen studied the edge of the nightstand, trying to figure out if he could roll off the bed without hitting it. Unfortunately, every position he could get himself into would still end in him smacking his face on the corner.

There was nothing for it. Only one thing left to do, and it woke Arkady up, every time. Severen took a deep breath and then another. He thought about the sound of his own voice. Even half-awake, that sound had imprinted itself, and he could replicate it, exactly. He waited until Arkady was halfway through an inhale, and then screamed like the sky was falling and the demons were after him.

"Jesusfuckingchrist!" Arakdy sat bolt upright and grabbed at Severen's shoulder. "Sev? Wake up, man. It's all right."

Unfortunately, the sudden movement changed the balance of the mattress, and they both tumbled off the side of the bed, Severen smacking his head, after all.

"Son of a bitch!" Severen curled up beside the bed, with his head between his knees, and Arkady sprawled across him.

Arkady untangled himself from Severen and then from the blankets. "Shit, shit, shit. Are you alright?"

"No! Ow! Stop talking so loud. Get me some ice. I'm either bleeding or sweating, and I don't care which, yet." Simple things, first.

"Ice first," Arkady reassured him, stumbling to his feet and grabbing the ice bucket on his way out of the room. At the last second, he remembered not to let the door slam. Eyeliner and pyjama pants. It wasn't until the way back from the ice machine that it occurred to him why those little old ladies had looked at him so strangely on the way out. He let himself back into the room and brought the ice and a bag from one of the plastic cups to Severen, who groaned and forced himself to sit up.

"Now," Severen began, taking the bag of ice, "do you want to know what we're doing on the floor?" He sounded like he was reprimanding one of his classes, stern and clear, if quiet.

"You screamed. I went to grab you, and we fell off the bed." Arkady shrugged. "Didn't know you were right on the edge, like that."

"Has it occurred to you to question why, if I was on the edge of the bed, you were close enough to grab me?" This was clearly a trick question. "It's because I actually awoke to you humping my leg and muttering about Betty."

"What? No, no. What? Oh, god, I didn't…" Arkady looked horrified, then, "She'd kill me."

"Would you feel better if I told you that you should be a great deal more concerned about what I will do to you, in the next five minutes, than what she will do to you, if she ever finds out, which she won't, because I'm not telling her, and neither are you, if you prefer to remain un-flayed?" It was a run on sentence, but to be fair, he had just smacked his head.

"Oh, shit, man. I'm so sorry. You don't even know. I don't even do that to her. Oh, my god. I'll sleep on the floor." Arkady was babbling. He'd never been good at awkward.

"Damn right you're sleeping on the floor." Severen dragged himself to his feet, half draped onto the bed, and proceeded to crawl up onto it and roll onto his back, still pressing the ice against his face.

"It's blood, by the way. I'll just go get a washcloth. You should figure out if that needs a bandaid or stitches." Arkady blearily headed in the direction of the bathroom. "I'm really sorry. Really. A lot. And I'm going to be even sorrier if you start bleeding on stage, because that's not going to be good for any of us."

He brought back a damp cloth and a mirror to Severen, who took both, with no small amount of grumbling, and set to work washing the blood off his face.

"Head wounds," Severen snarled. "Who the hell designed this? There's blood on everything and that's barely a scratch!"

"Looks worse than anything I ever got shaving, but yeah, it's pretty small. I'll go get you something to stick on that. And then I'm going to sleep, again. Over there. On the floor. Which is nowhere near you." Slinking off toward the first aid kit, Arkady wondered why he was even in this position. It wasn't the sort of thing he did. He wasn't really into guys at all, except in a bad reputation/bisexual in public sort of way, and he really wasn't into Severen. But, he had apparently mistaken Sev for Liz, which … no, actually, that didn't make it less horrible.

Severen took the bandaid, when Arkady brought it back. "I, unsurprisingly, have a headache," he said, tartly, patching up his forehead. "You probably have some dramatic guilt complex that will only be assuaged by fries. If you're going to commit drama, while I'm trying to sleep this off, go downstairs to the diner, instead. Fries are better for you than a hospital stay, and we have a show in about ten hours."

With that, Severen grabbed the sheet, pulled it up, and rolled over, trying to go back to sleep, before he had to cope with the fact that it was light out.

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