Mar 022011

Title: The Bastard Prince
Fandom: Magelight Chronicles
Characters: Frostburn
Rating: G-
Warnings: Frost is too sexy for this party. Especially in that miniskirt.
Notes: Commissioned by the one and only most truly awesome y!GalleryDannyDarkness. So, after a sincerely exceptional amount of truly creative expletive use, I managed to find a damn Strat prop and a guitar strap. Man, you don't even know… And the strap's got twenty frickin' joints. And I had to use two of them, for reasons involving horrendous physics failures. Anyway… Not done with this, quite yet, but it's getting a whole hell of a lot closer.

 This would be the guitar that just sucked to work with and didn't have a damn slider for the head morph I needed…

 Right guitar, no strap. This guitar is the awesomely spiteful work of Steve Danielsson, who is a god in my eyes for making it both excellent and free.

 Right guitar, decent strap… still fighting with the strap.

And this would be where I noticed the screws were gold and shinier than anything else in the image.

Now all I have to fix are the hands…

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