Dec 112010

Title: Cucumbers
Fandom: Magelight Chronicles
Characters: Frostburn
Rating: E
Warnings: Uh, yeah… Look at the title and the rating. I’m just sayin’.
Notes: So, Dark’s been on my case to render this for MONTHS. Finally got up off my lazy and did it because he needed a reason to smile, and this was good for a giggle.

Hey, that face deserved a closeup. No post, because I’m lazy. Also, what the FUCK. Why does this skin have freckles? *bitch*gripe*photoshop*

Dark and I both like this pose better, but the standards of yaoi fangirls required that I cheat the cucumber back a little.

 This lighting… I want to use it on something it actually goes with…

 Shadowmap. I like this one better than …

…raytraced, for once. The shadowmap one came out a little softer, I think.

Fangirls can eat my ass. Cucumber returned to an angle that makes me happy.