Aug 262009

Title: No, You Can't Borrow It.
Fandom: ST XI
Characters: Kirk, Spock, (I might've borrowed AU Selov… Just a little.)
Rating: T
Warnings: Implications. Conversation in Vulcan.
Notes: The prompt was for someone seeing Kirk and telling Spock he had excellent taste. As I have recently been subjected to dk's swishy Vulcan sociologist, I absolutely had to make this happen. It's short. It's silly. Whatever.

From this prompt:
I had Chris Pine as my background at school and someone walked by, saw it, and said "Hot damn. You have good taste in men." So I think..

Spock has a picture, holo, whatever works, of Kirk (or he could even be there. whatever works.) And someone says that he has good taste in men. ..stuff happens. Wonderful stuff.

..Sorry.. I think too much sometimes.

((Mouse over Vulcan text for translations.))

Spock has been sitting at this desk, nearly immobile for nearly seven hours. He is working out the bugs in some piece of theoretical physics that the builders on New Vulcan will need to finish the new temple. It is necessary, despite appearing to be a wholly frivolous construct. It simply isn't home, without the temple.

Jim is perched on the desk, beside his terminal, swinging his feet and being as distracting as possible, without actually saying anything, and this, perhaps, is more irritating to Spock than when he does run his mouth, incessantly. At least when Jim's talking, he can tell what form the inevitable trouble is going to take. And it is inevitable, if Jim's involved.

Spock is adjusting the sliders, on one of the tension lines, when a Vulcan about twice his age stops, just past his desk, and turns to study Jim. The other man makes him even more nervous than Jim does — though it's probably lost on the human object of his gaze, the older Vulcan's face has a flirtatious cast to it. It is likely only obvious to another Vulcan.

Head down, Spock continues to pretend he is unaware of the intrusion…s — both of them.

"Kuv ish-veh t'du, marom-dvel ki'du svi'sasu, nu'ri-veh," the older Vulcan comments, levelling a sparkling eye at Spock.

"Ha. Ha – than nash-veh." Spock lifts an eyebrow, and with it, his eyes, to meet those of the other man. It is a pointed remark, intended to convey that Jim is entirely off-limits.

"Khynna ha?" The older Vulcan will not take a hint, possibly intentionally, although that would be a terribly un-Vulcan way to behave, in public.

Spock's ears flatten against his head. "Ek'es-worla," he says, coolly and smoothly, and the tone permits no argument. "Nam-tor ish-veh t'nash-veh. Goh t'nash-veh."

"Mau-mesh…" The older Vulcan's lip quirks, and he nods at Jim before walking away.

Jim watches him go, before turning to Spock. "What the hell was that? Are these people still talking shit to you?"

"No, Jim. He wanted to know if he could borrow you for the evening." Spock's face remains carefully blank.

"Wait, what? And you told him no?" Jim leaps up. "Oh, come on! I still need a check next to Vulcan on the practical xenobiology checklist!"

"If you're willing to wait until I am finished, I could provide you with that, you know. You need only ask." The corner of Spock's mouth twitches in faint amusement, as he returns to his work, and Jim just stares.

"Wait, what?"

It looks, to Spock, as though Jim has taken temporary leave of his senses, and he's quite comfortable with that, for the moment.

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