Dec 312008

Title: Dragon the What?
Fandom: Ostia
Characters: Idril, Moghendhim, Rhys, Meatpost, Dragon
Rating: G-
Warnings: None
Notes: A brief comic episode from last night's game. This dragon is *confused*.

The wizard tapped the highly caffeinated dragon on the nose, attempting to regain its attention. "Honey? What's your name?"

The dragon blinked, confusedly. "Name?"

The wizard stared for a moment too long, and the bard behind her shrugged, stunned. "What do they call you, here?"

"I'm called Dragon! Dragon… uh … Dragon the White! Yeah!" The wyrmling nodded giddily, still high from the coffee beans. "And some day when I grow up, I'll be Dragon the Red, and I'll be all awesome, like him!" It jabbed a long, grey claw at an enormous carving of Ashardalon that graced the wall of the temple.

The wizard blinked, crosseyed at the sideways logic of the little dragon. "Good to meet you, Dragon. My name's Idril, and these are my friends, Moghs and Rhys, and I think you know Meatpost."

The bard and the cleric waved. The kobold continued to wheeze in the corner.

"This is going to take a long time to explain," the wizard offered to the bard, in Elven.

"I didn't know it was possible to confuse a dragon that badly," the bard replied in Drow.

The little silver dragon once again buried his face in the sack of coffee beans, bouncing from foot to foot as he chewed at them.

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