Dec 132008

Title: Delicious Chocolate Win
Fandom: Mitarashi Games
Characters: Jester, Meeps
Rating: T
Warnings: Meeps talks, expletives ensue.
Notes: Dunno. Lost my ability to stand and walk, gained a need to write, instead.

There was, Meeps had noticed, a certain pleasure in working on a game that wasn't appalling. He was still irate and ornery, and God help him if he'd stopped trying to steal Jess's chocolate lollies, but the world was a cleaner place. Jess was working harder than anyone, reskinning Crystals, so they'd have some cover, and it seemed to be working. Upstairs seemed to be moderately content with Jess's work, and the few tweaks to the combat system he'd made. They weren't paying the kind of attention the testers would be, so it didn't matter much at this stage. He was, at present, simply enjoying the sense of being engaged in the chaotic overthrow of the normal order of things.

This wasn't to say it hadn't been a whole new kind of hell building an engine that would support Roy's script, but it was an engaging sort of hell — more hellish because of the sheer expansiveness of the project than because it was the usual boring drag through someone else's poorly-written code. He bounced an empty Jolt can off the monitor and snarled as the area transition code glitched out again. Somewhere his math was bad, and it wasn't seeing distance properly. That was the least of his problems, but it was the one that irritated him the most at the moment. Grumbling, he slumped in his chair and propped one foot against the edge of his desk, as he closed his eyes and tried to work it out.

Meeps twitched as Jester walked back in and dropped a pile of paper in his lap. "What the fuck, Jess?" He didn't open his eyes, and his fingers continued their rhythm, counting grid squares against the arm of the chair.

"Latest character revisions, hot off the printer. Also, you looked tired, so I took some liberties." Jess dropped into his chair and leaned back with a sharp creak.

"Liberties?" One of Meeps's eyes shot open, and he glared at Jess suspiciously, before looking at the pile in his lap. There was a long pause.



"Is that what I think it is?" Meeps still sounded suspicious as he eyed the candy that sat atop the pile of papers.

"If you think that's eighty grams of 90% dark chocolate, then yes, it is." Jess continued absently translating a sketch into a 3d model.

The wrapper could be heard crumpling as Meeps unwrapped one end of the chocolate bar and stuffed it in his mouth, humming ecstatically as the bitter chocolate melted onto his tongue. After a few moments, he regained rational thought and glanced over at Jess. "Why?" he demanded, still suspicious.

"Because we need you in a mostly functional state, if we're ever going to pull this off, and everyone knows you run on chocolate." Jess stifled a grin, but the corner of his mouth still pulled up.

"Root beer." Meeps accused, pointing at Jess. "It's fucking unnatural." He took another bite of the candy. "Mmm, delicious chocolate win."

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