Sep 042007

Title: Her What?
Characters: Shiranui Genma, Mitarashi Anko
Rating: G-
Notes: BFV. This *just* happened.

Anko's mother was a civilian. No surprise, really; Genma's mother was one, too. Not everyone could come from the elite and uninterrupted lines of pure ninja parentage, he reflected. In fact, Anko's mom had sort of adopted him, over the years, scolding him when his own mother wasn't there to do it and buying him silly little gifts. She was, he reflected, a good woman. Anko was lucky to have had such a protective and dedicated mom, even if he would have left home young if she'd been his mom. There's only so much overprotective a young man can take.

Tonight, they were going to visit her, to invite Mitarashi-san (Dammit, Genma, that's Katsumi to you.) to a small almost-party that Shikaku and Yoshino were having. It was to be a tea-drinking affair — nothing terribly exciting, unless one counted the number of horrifically dirty stories that could be told before the third cup of tea. Shikaku was always fun to tell them to, since he'd be able to call bullshit on the bad ones by points of physics and probability alone. Sometimes, though, he was wrong, and those were the best times. Mitarashi-san had some brilliant stories to tell after her recent stay in some civilian place that Genma could never be arsed to remember the name of.

Genma and Anko found her sitting out back of the pancake house, smoking with her co-workers, telling the stories they hoped she'd repeat for Shikaku.

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