Mar 172007

Title: Ultrasex: Part II
Characters: Abarai Renji, Ishida Uryuu
Rating: T
Warnings: Questionable implications
Notes: I really don’t have much to say about this set except that it’s a GIANT PAIN IN MY ASS to find a good smut-inducing Ishida pic. As always, I have a preference for canon images, or at least colour spreads and filler. I try to lay off the fanart, if only because the lines are usually somewhat more questionable.

Ultrasex Collection: Ishida + Renji

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[IMG] ultrasex-ishida01.jpg [IMG] ultrasex-ishida02.jpg [IMG] ultrasex-ishida03.jpg [IMG] ultrasex-ishida04.jpg [IMG] ultrasex-ishida05.jpg
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[IMG] ultrasex-renji01.jpg [IMG] ultrasex-renji02.jpg [IMG] ultrasex-renji03.jpg [IMG] ultrasex-renji04.jpg [IMG] ultrasex-renji05.jpg
All images from Bleach anime. All icons by penbrydd.

Spares: [IMG] ultrasex-ishida03-2.jpg