Apr 282009

Title: Ten Prompts, Ten Words
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Abarai Renji, Ishida Uryuu
Rating: M
Warnings: Given the prompts? It's pretty clean.
Notes: Crossposted to bleach_yaoi.

1. Angst: Most distressing, Renji thought, was that his lover was mortal.
2. AU: Renji dove for cover as the archer loosed another bolt.
3. Crack!fic: "Renji, wear it, or you'll look plain beside Yumichika!"
4. Crossover: (Harry Potter) "Lumos, Renji. It's not hard." Ishida smoothed his skirt, primly.
5. First Time: "Give me everything," Renji begged, afraid to let go.
6. Fluff: "You ate all the popcorn, shinigami…" "But, it was good!"
7. Humour: Ishida never learned why Ikkaku was naked on the rug.
8. Hurt/Comfort: Renji pressed the Quincy's bleeding fingers to his lips.
9. Smut: Renji's kisses were feathery from biting at the pillow.
10. UST: "I didn't think you knew words like that. Say them again."

4. Yes, that's Ishida as Hermione.
6. Fluff? I can do 'I'm too cute to stab!' Does that count?
9. This was originally something about the taste of ducks, but it was too long.

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