Jun 092022

Title: Style Swap: Josephine Montilyet & Kim Kitsuragi
Fandom: Dragon Age, Disco Elysium
Characters: Josephine Montilyet , Kim Kitsuragi
Rating: G ( L0 N0 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: No, I didn't put Kim in drag, but I probably should have
Notes: I dunno, we were joking in chat about Disco Elysium, but with Dragon Age characters, and somehow we decided that Josephine would be the perfect Kim. And then somebody was like 'INQUISITOR HARRY, THO', which is less relevant but funnier. So, I tried to swap the sartorial feel of Josephine and Kim, and ehhh, I could've done better with Kim.

[IMG] josephine-kitsuragi-styleswap-01-fix.jpg

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