Jul 132021

Title: Naturally Unnatural
Fandom: Magelight Chronicles
Characters: Mocker β™…
Rating: T ( L0 N2 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: Nude, from behind
Notes: It's time for this week's Mayhem by Magelight pinup, and I'm introducing Mocker, another character I haven't done any work with in almost a decade. While this is how Mocker usually appears, when left to their own devices, they're actually a primordial ooze, and can take the form of almost anything, if they've had the time to study it. Perhaps obviously, they're better at copying features than creating them without a reference, so their unreferenced human forms usually sit in the uncanny valley.

[IMG] mocker-holymountain-01-fix.jpg

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