Jun 062020

Title: I Have Made a Mistake
Fandom: Dragon Age (mostly)
Characters: Lord Manhammer (but Ciriane)
Rating: G- ( L0 N1 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: One shirtless barbarian; no drugs, he just wishes he was hallucinating
Notes: Okay, okay, so, this is late. Since Assquisition is on hiatus, I figured I'd swap in some moar arts on Mondays. Or… at least move some arts to more consistently be on Mondays. This month? Manhammer Does Thedas.

What's a rational southern barbarian to do, when offerings to his gods bring forth a halla, instead? Is it a wild halla? Are there Dalish in the woods? Either way, mistakes have probably been made.

[IMG] manhammer-halla-01-fix.jpg

* For anyone who actually cares, there's a grand total of about three mentions in the X-Files that Langly's D&D character is Lord Manhammer. Conversation on this subject led to the conclusion that 'Manhammer' has got to be a barbarian name and the 'Lord' is the result of being level 15+ and having a dominion. So, because nobody around here can leave well enough alone, I present a Thedosian version of Lord Manhammer.

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