Nov 102019

Title: A Midday Snooze
Fandom: Vexation of Spirit: LGM/CM
Characters: Richard Langly
Rating: G- ( L0 N1 S0 V0 D0 )
Warnings: One shirtless hacker passed out in a chair.
Notes: So, I've been fucking around for two days, instead of, you know, actually working on anything practical. Managed to reconstruct about half of Reid's apartment from screenshots, but noticed that not only does the furniture change between S8 and S12, but the fucking walls move. The back windows are really glaringly not in the same place. So, you know, close enough and fuck the details is apparently canon, and I feel less bad about it. *laughs*

But, of course, having gotten this far, I had to use the set for something, just to feel like I wasn't completely wasting my god damn time. So, the last corner I was working on, plus one Langly. Yes, those curtains are canonically some shade of pink/mauve, and so are the lights on that side of the room in S12.

[IMG] langly-reid's-chair-01-fix.jpg

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