Sep 042016

Title: OC Kiss Week 2016 #2
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Anton Hawke , Krasny Hawke , Charan Surana , Artemis Hawke , Vanya Hawke , Cormac Hawke , Ceran Mahariel , Theron Mahariel , Kalli Tabris , Samhal Lavellan , Elliot Trevelyan , Laughlin Lavellan , Alim 'Fen'Din' Surana
Rating: G- (L0 N0 S1 V0 D0)
Warnings: A lot of kissing
Notes: In case you missed one, here's all of them at once. Thanks to everyone who let me play with their toys this week!

  1. Rogues in Lust (or, 'Anton, You Stabby Cockhound'). @saiya-tina's Anton Hawke (of Rhapsody infamy) and @un-shit-yourself's Krasny Hawke.
  2. Magic In Every Kiss. @blackfoxriot's Charan Surana and @maverikloki's Artemis Hawke (of Rhapsody infamy).
  3. Touring the Ruins. @nightcenturymountain's Vanya Hawke and my Cormac Hawke (of Rhapsody infamy).
  4. Fifteen Seconds (which is about how long Ceran's got left on his feet). @fuck-badger's Ceran Mahariel and Rhapsody's own Theron Mahariel.
  5. My Husband Thinks You're Cute. Rhapsody's Kalli Tabris and @rederiswrites's Samhal Lavellan.
  6. Insufficient Elven Culture. @maverikloki's Artemis Hawke (of Rhapsody infamy) and @caden-shok's Elliot Trevelyan.
  7. Somebody Get My Sketchbook. @becausedragonage's Laughlin Lavellan and Fen'Din (of Rhapsody infamy).








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