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Title: Rhapsody In Ass Major – Chapter 137
Co-Conspirator: TumblrMaverikLoki
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Anders , Fenris , Cormac Hawke , Artemis Hawke
Rating: E (L2 N2 S4 V0 D0)
Warnings: The internet is for porn
Notes: Perhaps a little more awesome and a little less murder than Cormac and Artemis anticipated.

Cormac had finished enjoying his brother's discovery of some of the more interesting objects he kept in the bedside drawer, and they'd decided that, in the absence of any murderous screaming from the library, they probably ought to check on glowy and glowier. Still arguing over which was which, they stopped cold, at the doorway of the library.

That was an awful lot of glowing. And it didn't look like murder. Surely didn't sound like murder.

Cormac swallowed hard, pulling Artie into the room, so he could close the door, behind them. "I guess they got to the dirty words," he whispered, quietly edging toward a corner with a better view, as he watched Fenris pound into Anders so hard that Cormac had some concerns for the couch.

Artemis stared for a long moment, mouth agape. Without taking his eyes off the pair on the couch, he said to Cormac, "Varric owes me ten silver." He followed Cormac's example, sidling over to a stop with a better vantage point.

Fenris continued pounding away, oblivious to the pair of Hawkes or to the door that was now closed. He continued growling swears against Anders's throat, teeth worrying at a bit of skin just above a collarbone.

"Pedica me," Anders said in one pointed ear, earning another growl from Fenris, this one of frustration.

"It's 'meh' not 'mee'," Fenris corrected, punctuating each word with a sharp thrust.

"Ooh, I know what that means!" Artemis whispered to Cormac. "Naughty, Anders."

"Pedica me," Anders repeated, emphasising the second word and its still-incorrect pronunciation, "si tibi placeat."

Fenris faded out a single finger, in irritation, and jabbed it into the middle of Anders's chest, missing most of the things that would actually hurt, but leaving the distinctly uncomfortable sensation of being poked in the heart. But, that didn't feel like heart. That felt like scar. And Anders arched under him, magic flickering out, as he spurted across the front of his own tunic.

The ache slammed back down onto Fenris in that instant, and he wondered exactly how bad of an idea that had been. But, just as quickly as the current had stopped, it started again, a delicious wave through his confused nerves, and Fenris failed to close his mouth in time to avoid drooling on Anders's chest.

Cormac stood frozen, two steps from where he'd started. When Fenris's hand faded out, he'd meant to put a stop to this — he had no idea what Anders had said, but he knew that tone. And then… Was that an actual thing, then? Somehow he'd been much more comfortable with the idea that Artemis was just weird. And Anders, he knew, had that scar, right there, that he hated to have touched. "What the actual fuck?" he hissed, completely confused, if more than a little turned on, which took some doing, considering how he'd spent the afternoon.

Artemis shushed him, watching raptly as Fenris lost control, hand pulling back out of Anders's chest and becoming solid enough to grasp Anders's hip. Fenris's swears and desperate, bitten-off shouts filled the room in complement to the slap of skin against skin. And then the elf stilled, tattoos flickering and muscles bunching and tensing as he spilled deep inside Anders. He shuddered, hips giving a few more lazy thrusts as he held himself up over the mage.

Panting, Fenris looked up at Anders, the reality of what they'd just done slamming into him full force. "Your pronunciation is still terrible," he said, at a loss for other, worthier words.

Fenris stiffened at the sound of applause and looked, wide-eyed, over his shoulder in time to see Artemis give a wolf-whistle. "I… Amatus—"

"I strongly doubt there'll be other things going on'," Artemis quoted, mimicking Fenris's gruff voice. He clucked his tongue. "I didn't realise your knob was a necessary tool for learning Tevene. I should be fluent by now!"

Cormac laughed as he crossed the room. "And now is the part where you move, and I finish what you started, Fenris."

"What— where— why?" Fenris sputtered, still stunned both at what he'd done and that they'd had an audience for at least some of it.

"As long as you leave Howe out of it," Anders groaned, pulling his trousers over his face. "Bethany isn't watching, is she?"

"Ah… no? I didn't see her when we came in, and we closed the door, so…" Cormac's eyebrow lifted. "Is there something I should know?"

"I didn't mean this to happen. Neither of us did. It just… did." Anders paused. "That's not regret, I don't think, but it's definitely confusion. Your sister came in before any of this and assumed we'd get here. I just want to know she's not responsible. And if she's not watching, she's probably not."

"If it helps, I've never seen her do that unless someone was going to die," Cormac reassured him. "But, really, Fenris, unless you intend to finish this, and I don't think you do, you should probably move, so I can. I wish someone had told me I'd be spending the entire day having marathon sex, so I could have eaten more before I started…"

Fenris blinked at the three mages in the room, then down at where he was still attached to one of them. Carefully, Fenris pulled out, trying to make as little of a mess as possible, in deference to Artie. He stilled, halfway off the couch, remembering Anders's hands on him and the soothing current he didn't want to lose. At a glance from Anders, Artemis stepped forward, taking Fenris's hand and sending his own sparks up lyrium lines.

Pulling up his trousers with his free hand, Fenris let Artemis lead him away from the couch. "All right?" Artie asked. "You look a little dazed." He reached up to brush Fenris's hair back from sweaty temples.

Fenris looked up at his mage, at blue eyes soft with amusement and concern. "You are… not upset," he clarified. He hadn't thought Artemis would be, had hoped he wouldn't be, but…

"Only that I didn't get to see how it started. Maker. I would have stayed in here if I knew it was going to be that kind of lesson." His eyes were still soft, still loving as he pressed a kiss to Fenris's lips. "I love you. You know that."

"They're going to kill me with this sap," Anders groaned, pulling Cormac onto the couch with him.

"So kill me with wood, first?" Cormac suggested, untying the belt on the dressing gown that was the only thing he'd bothered to put on.

Anders groaned and dragged his hands down Cormac's chest, appreciatively. "In a minute," he promised. "Artie? Get a rune from the stonecarver's shop. Specifically there, because I know how they gauge them, there, for which you can thank your brother. You want a replacement number two electrical. Maybe a number three, but I wouldn't start that high, if you don't want what I just got. Get it bound into a cuff or a collar — something that doesn't have to be taken off, and is always touching the skin. I'm sure we can get Sandal to adjust it, later, but that should … help, at least."

"You address him, and not me?" Fenris looked a little miffed.

"He knows what I'm talking about. I'd have to explain it to you. Now he can explain it to you, and Cormac can finish solving my problems." Anders grinned unapologetically, moving his legs back onto the couch, which forced him to shift position, so his shoulders were on the arm. His legs still jutted over the other arm of the couch, but he was a little less likely to dislocate a knee.

Artemis's eyebrows arched. "A rune," he said. "That's clever." And a relief, if it worked. Artemis hated seeing Fenris in pain, but he could only keep an electrical current going so long. Artie eyed Fenris up and down, moving his hand to run the current up Fenris's arm. "Though you might want to close your pants before talking to any dwarves. We don't need them to enchant those stones."

Fenris fumbled with his laces now that he had both hands free, making a noise somewhere between a scoff and a laugh. Anders was already well on his way towards molesting Cormac by the time he was done.

They passed Bethany in the hall as she munched on an apple and turned the pages of a book. She waved at them with the hand holding the apple.

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