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Title: Rhapsody In Ass Major – Chapter 77
Co-Conspirator: TumblrMaverikLoki
Fandom: Dragon Age
Characters: Cormac Hawke , Artemis Hawke , Anton Hawke , Bethany Hawke , Carver Hawke , Anders , Isabela , Varric ,  Fenris
Rating: E (L2 N4 S4 V3 D0)
Warnings: Demons, blood magic, suggestions of mind control, violence, possession, oh my god Cormac, dubious consent, behold the power of ass
Notes: Anders slips. Cormac proves himself the master of bad decisions. The Hawke ass saves the day once more.

Fortunately, rage demons were never the brightest, and these were no exception — they fell swiftly, compared the the demons guarding the seals. They continued on, after felling the demons, returning fallen dwarves to the Stone and bringing down the darkspawn that had probably killed them. Strange, though, that there were so few darkspawn corpses, among the twisted heaps of armour. Perhaps they didn't die of age. Perhaps these were the same darkspawn, still trapped here since the Exalted Age, or before it. That was a chilling thought.

"This was the prince," Varric said, picking through the remains of another dwarf. "Thanks, Anton. That was real sweet of you."

"Sweet, nothing. I just know none of my brothers could dwarf their way out of a wet paper sack, and I like having something to hold over them."

"You already have dog farts for that," Carver muttered.

"Force push," Artie reminded Carver. "Down the stairs. The dog knows I won't do that if he farts on me."

Carver gave Artemis a sour look while Bethany giggled.

"I'm starting to think the dog's smarter than Carver," Varric said to Fenris out of the side of his mouth.

"That's because he is," Fenris replied.

The path grew less foggy as they continued up ahead, the air somehow smelling clearer, courtesy of the slice of sky that opened above them. Maker knew where they were by now or how far they'd walked.

Anders's steps started to drag, his breathing growing laboured as he swayed. Face pale, he tried to conjure a reassuring smile for Cormac, only to stop short, doubling over with a cry of pain, hands clawing at his head.

"Anders?" Cormac's arm wrapped around him, trying to hold him up. "I think we need to stop. He's not looking so good, and my fingers ache. I don't think we can take another fight, like this."

"I can't… The voices…" Anders groaned.

Of all of them, Fenris looked terrified. This was some deranged constellation of his hates and fears, and now it had taken the healer — the healer he didn't trust, some seventy percent of the time, but who had never failed to keep his organs in.

"Make it stop. Make him stop talking!" Anders demanded, clawing at himself. "I can't shut him out!"

"He can hear Corypheus, just like that loony, Larius," Bethany pointed out, a sleep spell leaping to the tips of her fingers. "Do you want me to put him down for a bit, Cormac?"

"Anders? You need a nap? Would sleeping help?" Cormac stroked Anders's hair, concern on his face.

Anders just made a pained sound, and Cormac nodded at his sister. She tried, tried again, and shook her head. "It's in him. I can't get a grip. Like the dwarves."

"Cormac, help me," Anders begged. "I will not… be… " The blue glow raced along his skin, and for a moment, Cormac was relieved. Justice would stand against this. "— controlled." Anders rose back up, shrugging off Cormac and Bethany, blazing blue.

"Good! There we are, gorgeous. You feeling a bit more—"

Cormac was cut off by the shades that suddenly flanked Anders, and the fireball Anders landed on him. His shields prevented the worst of the damage, but he was still a little singed. "Get the shades and get out of range!" Cormac shouted. "Don't hit the healer! I got this!"

"Cormac—?" Artemis didn't realise he was moving towards his brother, until Fenris grabbed him about the waist and hauled him back.

"Mage," Fenris said at Artie's ear. "Focus. Keep the shades away from your brother."

Artemis nodded, eyes wide, and forced himself to focus, a spell at his fingertips pulling the shades closer and into Carver and Fenris's blades. Warriors and rogues let loose on the demons, while he and Bethany cast what they could in all the chaos, both keeping an eye on Cormac and Anders — on Justice.

Cormac hung himself from Anders's shoulders, purring against his neck, as Anders hammered spell after spell against his shields. "Come on, my glowy, blue mountain savage! Is this the way you treat the man who sucks your dick?" He'd keep reminding Anders who he was and what was going on, and just maybe, he'd get through. It usually worked with Justice, eventually. If nothing else, he was pretty heavy, and he'd slow Anders down. Fenris and Bethany wouldn't let anything happen to the rest of the family.

Anders slid a hand through the shield, moving cautiously enough that Cormac let it happen, and then fired a bolt of lightning against Cormac's neck. That landed, and everything in Cormac's vision turned white, muscles clenching and unclenching. Somehow, he managed not to let go, and the thrashing dragged Anders down with him. This wasn't working. He was too willing to trust, and Corypheus was taking advantage of Anders's memories or something.

There was one more thing to try. Cormac wasn't ready to try it — he'd barely managed to make it work in controlled situations, yet — but he needed something that would get him out of the way of the magic. He closed his eyes and pressed his face against Anders's ear. "This is not just. This is not even excusable. Look around yourself. It's just us, Anders."

The words poured out as he twisted reality around him. The Veil was thin, here, or so they'd been told. And there it was, the cold wash of the Fade along his burning limbs, a deep indigo glow tracing the lines of Cormac's body, as he stepped out, just a little. He needed to heal himself, but he didn't dare let go of Anders, and the air between them took on an almost royal blue cast.

Fenris's eyes popped wide as the Veil bent and warped in a way that was familiar, and he looked down instinctively to make sure his own body wasn't glowing. Lyrium tattoos sang in sympathy, and Fenris shook his head, grip tight on his mage's arm.

"What did your brother just do?" he asked, voice shaking.

Artemis gaped, turned to see similar looks of wide-eyed shock on his siblings' faces. "Shit if I know," he breathed. Glowing. His brother was glowing. That was not a thing his brother usually did.

There was confusion in the swirl of blue-glowing limbs. Justice surged forward, drinking in the feel of the Fade, suddenly in his arms, as Corypheus shied away from it. Memories chased their own tails in Anders's head — his own, Justice's, Kristoff's, Corypheus's — and he couldn't tell what was real any more. All of it was real, somewhere, some time, but he couldn't find here and now.

Justice, on the other hand, was suddenly extremely clear on here and now. "SO CLOSE, I CAN ALMOST TOUCH IT. YOU FEEL LIKE HOME. LIKE THE POOLS WE DIDN'T WALK IN."

"That's great," Cormac gasped. "Can I get you to heal me?"


Of course. He'd stepped out so the magic wouldn't reach. Cormac tried his own half-assed healing, first, just to get the worst of it, but that was going to scar horribly, if it didn't get fixed right. Burns. He hated burns. At least they stopped hurting. "Too far away? I'm right here. You're pinning me to the ground in an amazingly non-threatening manner. Are you done threatening? Are we maybe into enjoying and possibly sleeping?"

The feel of the Fade so close was dizzying to Justice, filling him with a swell of homesickness no spirit should know enough to feel. "TOO FAR AWAY," Justice said again, clinging to what he could of this human wrapped in the Fade, pressing close until they all but occupied the same space.

"Hoo, boy," said Varric, running a gloved hand over his hair. "If this is going where I think it is… Carver, cover your sister's eyes."

"Who's going to cover my eyes?" Carver protested.

"I will, sweet thing," Isabela volunteered, reaching for him.

"…those aren't my eyes."

"You know, you could get a whole lot closer to me." Cormac grinned. This wasn't what he expected from Justice. But, then, he'd never done … this. And there was the matter of this being in front of his entire family and two other uninterested parties, and one other very interested party, because why wouldn't Izzy be watching. And there really wasn't anywhere to improve the situation — they were in the deepest, darkest hole in the ground, in the middle of a dwarven demon trap turned creepy Warden prison, and it was full of darkspawn. If ever there had been a completely inappropriate time to consider getting boned, this was it. But, Cormac needed Justice to trust him. He needed Anders to come back. And if that meant he was going to get nailed by a Fade spirit in full view of his entire family, then that was what it meant.

Closer. Memories that were and weren't Justice's came to the fore, memories of a more corporeal embrace, Kristoff and Aura, Anders and Cormac, Anders and… so very many people, actually. The thought should sicken him — no, the thought should not affect him at all, not a spirit — but Cormac's body sang in a way he could feel in bones that were and weren't his. Closer. He had to get closer. He had to go home again.

Artemis squinted at the pair of glowing bodies. "Are they…? Sweet Andraste's ass, they are." And oh, ha. Wow. It looked like Justice did have a knob, even if that knob was Anders's.

Fenris's skin still itched with the Fade, and he looked at anything that wasn't Cormac and Justice. "Next time, let's just let the Carta take Cormac," he said.

Anton had turned his back, whole minutes ago. "Oh, come off it. If the Carta took Cormac, we'd still have to deal with this Corypheus thing, except he'd be awake, and we'd be out the ogre-charging asshole. Can't expect to take on something that ugly without a professional target. And speaking of targets…"

"Justice sure is nailing his target," Varric muttered, trying to pretend he wasn't watching. This was going in a book. This was going to be an entire book. A romance. This was weird enough to get him into that market.

Cormac's teeth sank into his arm as he struggled to stay quiet. Screaming was all well and good, when one wasn't in the middle of enemy territory, fighting things that had been there since the Exalted Age. As it was, he tried to pretend he wasn't being watched. Tried to pretend this wasn't the weirdest and potentially most terrifying thing he'd ever done. But, when Justice pushed into him, there was no way to pretend he couldn't feel all of it — couldn't distinguish between Justice and Anders, because he could tell. He was in two places at once, and they didn't occupy quite the same space inside him. The timing was off, a split second between the physical thrust and the one in the Fade.

"Justice…" he panted against his forearm.

Justice relied on Anders's muscle memory as he moved, on the instincts of the mortal body he was tied to. Fade magic sang through and around him, and he let out a pleased breath against Cormac's neck. It was addicting, this feeling, both physical and spiritual pleasure. He pressed in as deep as he could go to surround himself with it.

Carver walked a short ways back down the path. "I'm going to go guard over here," he said. "Yep. Bethany, come with me." Bethany looked a bit more reluctant to do so, but she trotted after him.

Artemis and Isabela were the only ones not even bothering to pretend not to look. Artemis wondered if this felt at all like Fenris's organ-fondling thing, but he wasn't about to say so.

"Feel it…" Cormac panted. "Feel me… Let go — let it happen…" He hoped Justice would be as quick as Anders, and a little less resilient. He wasn't sure he could take hours of this, in the shape he was in. He wasn't sure the rest of the family could take hours of this, regardless of anyone's condition. As far as Cormac was concerned, he just needed to get Justice off. Hopefully, that would be enough to scramble his and Anders's brain long enough for Bethany to sneak in a sleep spell. They needed to rest. Cormac needed to rest.

This should have been amazing, Cormac knew, and under any other circumstances, it probably would have been — being fucked in two planes of existence, the drip of blood down the crack of his ass — this was the kind of thing Cormac lived for. He just didn't have room to enjoy it the way he wanted to. Desire, Anders had told him, was the difference between spirits and demons, and he hoped he hadn't just ruined Justice. But, like so many things, he didn't know what else to do, and now Justice was nailing him with that enormous flagpole and no lube. It should have been so good, and he just hung onto that. He hoped Anders didn't sleep too long, after this, because he was really going to need a healer.

"Oh, Justice," Cormac moaned, quietly, spreading his legs further and tilting his hips in that way Anders couldn't resist. "Do it. Let go. Come inside me." He didn't actually know if that was possible for Justice, but it was definitely possible for Anders's body, and hopefully that would be enough.

Justice made sound where Anders normally didn't, grunting into the Fade echo of the cave around them, eyes wide in Anders's face in the physical world and behind his helmet in the Fade world. He shoved into Cormac harder, faster, reaching heights no spirit should, reaching for… reaching…

Anders spilled into Cormac, while Justice shuddered, blue glow rippling, and he clung to this feeling, this… euphoria, only to remember that it wasn't so much the Fade that he was clinging to as it was a human wrapped in it like a cloak. The spark of sensation was enough to jar Anders to the forefront again, eyes flickering between blue and brown.

"Cormac? What…?"

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