Nov 102014

Title: Hannah – Test
Fandom: Nicoverse
Characters: Lucian , Anael/Hannah
Rating: G (L0 N0 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: None
Notes: I remember when writing Hannah, that Davidson listed this angel as ‘Haniel, chief of principalities and "the tallest angel in Heaven"‘, which seemed a little weird, but I liked it. The angel is also, as with so many angels, referenced exclusively as male, which… *shrugs* did not stand. I constructed her as nearly seven feet tall, in this particular shell. Lucian’s included for a size reference. He’s an average-sized dude, maybe 5’9″. And now, back to my commissions queue.

[IMG] hannah-test-02.jpg?width=800&org_if_sml=1