Aug 312014

Title: Saturday at Saint John's
Fandom: Nicoverse
Characters: Nico , Kamaria
Rating: Rating: PG  (L0 N1 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: Short skirt, but huge boots. Mostly-shirtless Nico. So cute, my teeth hurt.
Notes: So, I realised I didn't have any of the Magdalenes rendered, mostly because they don't register individually, in my head. They're just sort of a flowing mass of deadly club-girls, of all colours and features. But, I figured I should probably throw down for a couple of the named ones. Kamaria's had the most lines, of a Magdalene, so far. No post, because I'm a lazy sod. Click to embiggen it, because her boot soles are awesome.

"Nico, darling! What are you doing out by yourself?" She stretched her arms out toward him, with a delighted smile.

"Miracles," he replied, leaping into her arms. "The miracle of lunch at Kai Feng, without any bickering, and no one stealing my egg rolls, when I'm not looking."

He smiled charmingly down at her, as she easily held him off the ground. "You can come with me, Kama, but just you and only if you promise to keep your hands off my egg rolls."

"Turn brown water into proper tea, and you got yourself a deal." She set him down beside her, closer to the church. "You gyp me on the tea, and your egg rolls are mine."

"Done! The miracle of excellent tea for all, today. You're bored, I'm hungry. Let's have some fun." He grabbed her hand and spun under her arm, before dancing down the street, pulling her along.

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  1. looks like you're getting the hang of lighting darker skin tones.

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