Apr 092014

Title: Lysimachus – Test
Fandom: N/A
Characters: Lysimachus
Rating: Rating: <span style=T" src="https://penbrydd.groundline.net/wp-content/luxintenebris/rating/PG13.jpg" width="32px" /> (L0 N2 S0 V0 D0)
Warnings: Naked naiad with an awful lot of hair.
Notes: So, I was reading a whole lot about people of colour in Greek and Roman art, and then I went to sleep and I had this completely weird dream, in which Charybdis was stealing the genes of the sailors she swallowed, and vomiting up mix and match children, who were all part-naiad, like their mother. And then art while low blood sugar. *laughs* Anyway, here’s Lysimachus, bastard son of Charybdis and a ship full of Lydian traders. No postwork, only half a brain.


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